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  • thevirtualgreek
    Apr 2, 2002
      > I beg to differ. If you have ever read any exchange between
      Forteans you will
      > soon see we don't all agree on everything. It would hardly be a new
      age high
      > fiving session where everyone BYOO&A (bring your own ooohs &
      > Most people with paranormal experiences and beliefs differ greatly,
      and seek
      > to understand them. This can spring forth some heated and not so
      > debates. We aren't all clones who follow the same path. The same
      cannot be
      > said for Randibots. ;-)

      Ha! Spend a day at the JREF forum and you'll see that the same CAN be
      said for Randibots! ;-)

      The skeptics keep the paranormal investigators at their game. If not
      for skeptics, the investigators would just pronounce all the
      paranormal ideas proven and be done with them. This has happened with
      telepathy recently---it's now just a proven phenomenon---so I predict
      that it may go morbid very soon (yeah, fat chance). It has also
      happened with the transmogrification of Creationism into Intelligent

      I think it would be more of a high-fiving session than you imagine:

      Person 1: It's aliens from outer space!

      Person 2: No, you nincompoop, it's transdimensional beings.

      Person 3: Idiots! It's government spooks.

      Person 1: Whatever it is, it's abducting people.

      Person 2: Yeah! Cool!

      Person 3: I love you guys.

      This is not to say that a skeptics convention isn't also a high-
      fiving extravaganza.

      ~~ Paul
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