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4643Re: Another one from skeptic62

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  • zen_witch
    Apr 2, 2002
      What a classic. *lmao* They do love you. Thing they don't get is we don't
      need them, they need us. Without people who have a fortean approach to the
      paranormal, they have nothing to debunk or sneer at. We, on the other hand,
      have plenty of fun dicussing possibilities of paranormal/unexplained
      ~ zw ~

      --- In debunkingdebunkers@y..., rubyhoney97402 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Seems Renfield/skeptic62 had sent me another email that I missed,
      somehow. I get so many emails i don't
      > always see them all. Anyway, here it is, for your entertainment:
      > Hi Ruby, I found your comment comparing me to Dwight Frye's character
      > Renfield(not Redfield)silly but amusing.
      > I'm also not the sidekick or follower type, why you're making it
      > sound like i'm some sort of sidekick of JD's I have no idea,never
      > chatted with the person, only seen some of his posts. (gee, did it occur to
      this creep that maybe I know that,
      > and am just making a "silly but amusing" comment?)
      > I know by being here i'm only giving your boring little club more
      > material to feed off of, but i'll appease you anyway. (he'll "appease" me?
      Did I ASK?)
      > Let's see, you only have 40 some members, maybe this will help
      > increase membership, you know you need us skeptics Ruby,(right, I need
      skeptics....I also need a 4,000ton
      > yak in my bathtub) otherwise
      > what else would this lame little rant club talk about. (for someone that
      thinks this club is "alme" he sure likes
      > reading the posts in here, LOL.)Gotta go now,
      > feeling a little under the weather today, (oh, that is TOO bad! poor
      dear.)hope everyone has a great
      > afternoon or evening and Ruby, as always, all the best to you. ("all the best"
      my ass! Plase, this is more of
      > that passive aggressive crap skeptoids are so fond of engaging in.) >>
      > It's more like I'm appeasing you dear skeptic62, my little Renfield friend,
      who has emailed me TWICE without
      > any invitation by me...
      > ~ ruby "they love me, they really love me!" honey
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