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    France Music Promotion WHO ARE WE? France Music Promotion is an independent agency specialising in the promotion of electronic music techno, house,
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      France Music Promotion

      WHO ARE WE?

      France Music Promotion is an independent agency specialising in the
      promotion of electronic music techno, house, downtempo,Rap, Hip hop ,
      Rnb, in France. Our activities include the promotion of disks and
      events, the conception and organisation of events, viral marketing
      and marketing strategy consultation.

      Since March 2001, France Music Promotion has brought recognition and
      contributed to the development of labels and artists in France.

      Specialist Radio, Club and Pre-Release CD Promotions
      Here at France Music Promotion we firmly believe that every record
      deserves a promotional campaign specifically designed around the
      needs of the track, artist and label allowing for where they fit into
      the world of Dance and Electronic music at that point in time.
      It is our job to give honest predictions on which DJs we think will
      respond well to a track and what kind of exposure they can give it.
      We are happy to give detailed proposals based around these criteria.



      A data base updated daily, allows for the most focused and well
      targeted campaigns. Each list of mail-outs is chosen by hand,
      according to the aims for the project, no mail-out is automatic.
      For rapid and precise feedback, contact is made daily with the
      appropriate media.
      The organisation of promotional days in Paris, coordinating media
      interviews (press, radio, TV).
      Weekly feedbacks with a collection of press cuttings, internet
      articles, DJ reactions and radio charts.
      Weekly emails with scans and attachments to all labels and
      Each disk sent to the various media sectors, is accompanied by a
      French tailored biography, and a Feedback form for the DJ's and radio
      France Music Promotion prints a monthly newsletter summarising the
      most up to date information on the releases, parties, also included
      with each disk sent.


      Almost 300 publications, from fashion magazines , specialised music
      press, the more contemporary, trendier press and the most closely
      followed cultural and factual all the way to the more obscure electro


      More than 250 radio stations, the large and established and the
      local, yet eagerly followed, without forgetting the 'trendsetters'
      and of course the special shows on nationally broadcasted stations,
      the list made complete with a solid selection of more general local
      radio stations.


      France Music Promotion has established firm ties within the fashion
      sector, professionals in image placement (publicity, TV/Cinema) and
      those involved in contemporary art, informing the trendsetters and
      opinion leaders regularly of the most recent musical evolutions. All
      images/videos are provided to French music channels.


      We have over 500 Dj's from France on our book, putting us in touch
      with the leaders of each French musical family in and figure heads on
      the international scene, and the principal players in each music
      genre in each region in France.

      DJ POOL

      With the aim of supporting the independent labels and artists in
      their vinyl EP promotion, France Music Promotion has set up a DJ Pool
      in order to reduce the costs of mail-outs and to establish friendly
      and regular contact between the major players on the French scene.
      (DJ's, producers, radio, media...)


      Their profound understanding of the French market equips France Music
      Promotion with the ability to develop entire market strategies for
      the launch of an album, involving marketing consultation (choosing
      the correct paths of communication, how to focus on the most
      appropriate targets according to the musical theme, developing the
      ideal time frame for the releaseĀ…) and of course, media promotion.

      France and International Club Promotions

      The range of quality music that we promote has gained us priceless
      respect from club DJs, radio DJs and the dance music industry as a
      whole. This means that in many cases your records will be taken far
      more seriously just because they have come from us.
      We have unequalled relationships with `taste maker' DJs from every
      area of Dance and Electronic music, something no other promotions
      company can claim. Therefore we have detailed knowledge of their
      musical tastes and can ensure that your records are mailed to people
      that will appreciate and support them.
      We never `blanket mail' records. Each DJ is hand picked individually,
      for each title. Our experience ranges from beyond the inception
      of `dance' music to the present day's various scenes. This experience
      enables us to take music which is initially perceived as `specialist'
      and promote it to a wider audience.
      We see communication between us and our customers as of paramount
      importance. We provide an excellent weekly reporting system, along
      with a comprehensive end report which is designed to help you plan
      for future releases.


      General Enquiries can be emailed to :
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