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Need Pixies Stuff For Concert Afterparty!

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  • ruby1975
    Hello fellow-Pixies fans! Okay, here s the deal. I m a DJ here in NYC, and will be hosting an afterparty for Frank Black s November 12th concert at NYC s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
      Hello fellow-Pixies fans!

      Okay, here's the deal. I'm a DJ here in NYC, and will be hosting an
      afterparty for Frank Black's November 12th concert at NYC's Bowery
      Ballroom. I'l be doing a several-hour set that will be spanning the
      entire career of The Pixies, accented by selections from Frank's post-
      Pixies work, along with a tiny bit of Kim's as well.

      The Pixies were my favorite band at ages 16-18, so needless to say, I'm
      very familiar with all of the studio work... however... I have never
      been a collector of Pixies bootlegs or super-rarities. I need your
      help. For my upcoming set, I want to have some great live Pixies stuff,
      rare & unreleased stuff, and some video. (the club i'm playing at has a
      projection room in the back!)

      here's what i need. When responding to me, please quote prices. (how
      much you will charge me to burn the stuff, if applicable.) keep the
      prices competitive, as i'm sure to receive many similar responses, and
      i'll probably go for the lowest price.


      1. Live album(s). Please recommend the best Pixies live bootleg
      album in terms of sound quality & setlist.


      2. Rarities album. Please recommend the best Pixies rarities album
      in terms of amount of songs included.


      3. Live video. I'll be DJing over the visuals, so the audio on the
      video is not that important. Just recommend the best "looking" Pixies
      live video. I would love to have some "real" Pixies videos as well... I
      hear some exist. Also documentaries would work, too.


      4. any Pixies, Frank Black, Amps or Breeders on vinyl that you can
      sell me for $5 or less. (This is the LEAST priority... I just happen to
      prefer spinning records to CDs)


      please send quotes directly to me at the e-mail address that you'll
      find at my website (address below). DO NOT respond here please... I
      don't check Yahoo clubs very often!

      Thanks so much fellow fans... Viva Pixies!

      -DJ Still, NYC
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