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Re: catholics show

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  • rdrossjr
    Well... There goes my first attempt at posting. Weird. -roger. ... find ... Needless ... the ... sped
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 2 6:35 PM
      Well... There goes my first attempt at posting. Weird.


      --- In debaser@y..., "rdrossjr" <franconegro@h...> wrote:
      > Hey all,
      > I stumble across your group when searching for sources to trade
      > Pixies boots. Call me a fanatic or what you will, but I read -all-
      > 419 of the posts in this group. And decided to join. So, hello to
      > everyone, especially James, Ben, & Kevin.
      > df: Funny you should mention the catholics show. I could never
      > any info about current tours and I was just driving at lunch today
      > when they played Gouge Away on the radio. It was amazing.
      > to say I cranked it -loud-. Afterwards the dj said that Frank and
      > crew were coming to town. My freind is suppossed to get us tickets
      > now. Can't wait. Especially since our plans fell through to see
      > Breeders last month when my kids got sicker than dogs.
      > So it seems a lot of people post to this site wondering what the
      > breeders are up to (or if they still exist). I found a little (new
      > to me) info in this article:
      > http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/17/magazine/17BREEDERS.html
      > And I would REALLY like to know what happened to getting transcript
      > of that Mojo article and the Revolver article too. I'd really like
      > to read those.
      > I'll shut up now and let some other people post.
      > later,
      > -rog.
      > --- In debaser@y..., "voxxjaguar" <VoxxJaguar@a...> wrote:
      > > hey this list sure is pretty dead/dormant usually, but maybe with
      > the
      > > current frank/catholics tour, there can be some discussion.
      > >
      > > i saw them last weekend here in santa barbara. great show.
      > > they started and ended with The Black Rider by Tom Waits, but
      > up
      > > and done with a cowpunk rhythm. lotza fun!
      > >
      > > second song, was...believe it or not: Gouge Away!
      > > i couldn't believe my eyes and ears, but i've seen him twice over
      > the
      > > years (since the pixies in nashville in early 92) and he's never
      > done
      > > any pixies stuff. over the course of the set, they did several
      > > including Mr. Grieves, Holiday Song and Where is My Mind?
      > >
      > > other songs were Calistan, Headache, Dog in Sand, Dog Gone, I
      > > Switched You, 666,.....(i yelled for "Hate Me" but no dice)
      > >
      > > Someone else please chime in and lets get a discussion going!
      > >
      > > df
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