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  • Kevin Knowles
    Doh! I set the video but it didn t record the program. Is there anyone who did tape it out there who would be willing to send me a copy? I know a company who
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2001
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      Doh! I set the video but it didn't record the program.
      Is there anyone who did tape it out there who would be
      willing to send me a copy?

      I know a company who does tape copying, and I would of
      course pay for all postage, charges and al ittle extra
      for your time and effort!

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      My TV guide says 12.40 a.m. So check it out or you may
      miss it.


      --- In debaser@y..., "jo" <indiekid_uk@Y...> wrote:
      > Next week in the UK, (28th) Channel 4 will be
      showing an hour long
      > documentary about The Pixies - this was filmed with
      > 4ad, and shows a lot of footage from their first
      ever gig in the UK
      > the Town And Country Club (excerpts of which have
      been on the MTV
      > website for a lonnnng time now) and interviews with
      the band. Non-
      > people who will miss out don't worry, as this
      footage will be used
      > towards the forthcoming Pixies DVD, which should see
      the light of
      > in 2003. (so a bit of a wait, but at least it is
      11.40pm is
      > the time you want to be poised by your television!

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