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454Pixies Documentary

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  • Neil
    Aug 26, 2002
      Hiya, just uploading some clips of this show now. Sorry about the delay,
      but I was waiting until I got hold of the connection I needed to encode in

      I'm doing the clips in RealVideo, and I'm very impressed with the quality
      I'm getting so far, considering the file size. A few frames are dropped,
      but the picture is crystal clear. Anyway, the first 6 minutes is almost
      up, and I'm encoding another 6 minute clip now.

      Frank Black releases two new albums today, by the way. Apparently they're
      both shit.

      _ __=/ http://www.cookdandbombd.co.uk \=__ _
      Cook'd and Bomb'd - A Chris Morris Archive - Updated: 23/08/02
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