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Re: to n1n31... regarding faith.

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  • bestonnet_00
    ... I know what you mean myself. I ve had some things due not too long ago myself that took up quite a bit of time. ... I personaly think that you are
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 27, 2004
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      --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, "smatthewlogan" <slogan@b...>
      > as to trying trying to make you feel guilty and then "squirming
      > away", i do feel that was a bit harsh.
      > i've been completely honest with those involved here from the
      > beginning; papers and projects are coming due in the second half of
      > the semester, and this is why i have less time.

      I know what you mean myself. I've had some things due not too long
      ago myself that took up quite a bit of time.

      > and it has never been and is not my intention to make anyone feel
      > guilty about anything. when i joined i asked if we could
      > share/exchange our belief system (although you deny that you have
      > one). i know you all disagree with me, but i never feel guilty
      > about what i believe because of it, and i hope you will feel
      > similarly.
      > just wanted to clear the air on those things, and let you know that
      > i'm not trying to be antagonistic. please don't read a certain tone
      > into what is being said (although i know this is difficult) and i
      > will try to do the same for you.

      I personaly think that you are honestly trying to understand us and
      aren't attempting to inflame anyone.

      Though of course whenever religion is discussed things can get out of
      hand very quickly. Though I think we can avoid that.

      > you also said that people "came up with a God/gods"...
      > this appears to be a belief of yours.

      I would tend to say it is.

      > with regards to your last post...
      > so faith is out of the question for the atheist?

      Pretty much.

      > if it's safe to assume that you would agree with that -
      > what does the atheist do with unseen realities?
      > (i'm assuming that he will reject them because of his conviction -
      > which i would regard as a belief - that only that which can be
      > observed/experienced is real; empericism and existentialism)

      Even things which can not be seen can be inferred to exist by the
      effects they have on the world. This is why you'll find that most
      atheists believe that electrons for example exist.
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