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Re: [Death To Religion] Re: Definition of God

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  • n1n31nchn3rd
    From: smatthewlogan
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2004
      From: "smatthewlogan" <slogan@...
      > schoolwork is beginning to suffer because of time spent here.

      Hmm? This group isn't very active at all. What kept you so busy?

      > although you went on regarding how ridiculous it was to ask an
      > atheist for a definition of God, (and that you don't have one)

      We could make one up. That's how people came up with a god in the first

      > now how can you have a view of something you can't (or are unwilling)
      > to define? you can't. if you don't believe in the existence of God,
      > then God-talk is stricken from your vocabulary; you can't define
      > he/she/it because you don't even know what someone is talking about.
      > you've refused to acknowlegde a god in your belief system.

      We can pretend the same you. Problem with that?

      > that's all fine kindof, but when you jump to circular reasoning
      > issue - you shoot yourself in the foot...because everyone does it;
      > everyone begs the question.

      Strange. If someone is reasoning in circles and we point it out, we are to
      blame. That make sense.

      > to say that a belief in a self-existent, self-authenticating God is
      > intellectual cowardice is humorous...
      > because i can turn right around and say that to deny the fact that a
      > universe with intricate design (beyond which even scientific and
      > medical technology can begin to probe/discover) came about apart from
      > some "grand designer" would be equally cowardly.
      > these designations are childish.

      I agree. It would be childish and cowardly to say it is a fact there is a
      grand designer.

      > atheism is centuries old, as is theism.

      Of course. It came about as a direct result of theism. Point?

      > you don't believe in a god, and therefore have no intellible way to
      > account for your own existence and the world you live in.

      Ah. Here that everybody? If you make believe, you are smart. If not, you

      > i do believe in God, and will not deny that most Christians arguments
      > (as atheists) involve circular reasoning. however, i'm positing the
      > existence of God from the impossibility of the contrary.

      Like I said. Nothing intelligent to say and holy smokes this last paragraph
      is a whopper.

      Just another hit and run theist trying to make us feel bad before he squirms
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