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Re: Edwards: Religion Shouldn't Divide Voters

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    Please don t destroy this group by reposting things. ... religion is ... Kerry, the ... brief ... Virginia. ... Wednesday. ... who is ... faith, that ... West
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2004
      Please don't destroy this group by reposting things.

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      > Edwards: Religion Shouldn't Divide Voters
      > Sep 30, 4:31 PM (ET)
      > By VICKI SMITH
      > WEIRTON, W.Va. (AP) - John Edwards says voters should know that
      religion is
      > important to him and to presidential candidate John Kerry but the issue
      > shouldn't be used to divide people in the election.
      > "My faith is very important to me, and the same is true of John
      Kerry," the
      > Democratic vice presidential candidate and son of a deacon said in a
      > interview with The Associated Press after a campaign stop in West
      > "The two of us talk about our faith - with each other," he said
      > "Our faith is important to us and it's always been important to us, and
      > people should know that."
      > Edwards, a Methodist, said most Americans want a good leader - a man
      who is
      > a good husband and a good father - "and if they're a person of
      faith, that
      > helps."
      > "I don't think that faith should be used to divide us," he said.
      > However, religion has emerged as an issue as both parties battle for
      > Virginia's five electoral votes.
      > President Bush, who has visited West Virginia nine times since
      April, has
      > found staunch support among conservative Christians. At rallies
      across the
      > state, dozens have cited his faith in God as the main reason for their
      > support - more important than jobs, the economy and the war in Iraq.
      > On the Senate floor in Washington on Thursday, West Virginia
      Democrat Robert
      > C. Byrd denounced Republican campaign literature sent out in his state
      > featuring a picture of the Bible with the word "banned" stamped
      across its
      > cover. He urged Bush to make the Republican National Committee
      apologize for
      > the literature, which contends liberals want to ban the Bible.
      > "If ever there were one book that should never be used for political
      > if ever there were one book that should never be the subject of lies and
      > deception, it is the Bible," Byrd said.
      > The mailing also shows a photo of a man on his knees, placing a ring
      on the
      > hand of another man with the word "ALLOWED," a reference to same-sex
      > marriage.
      > "Senator Byrd is a respected member of Congress, and we expect him
      to speak
      > his mind," said Mary Diamond, a spokeswoman for the Republican National
      > Committee in West Virginia. "It was an issue that was already out
      there. It
      > was obviously on the minds of voters."
      > Bush defeated Al Gore in West Virginia in 2000.
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