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Re: [Death To Religion] Addendum: to Ricky Barnes Tip

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  • Don Tipton
    Hi Rick: Tip I wanted to ask your opinion about the Russian Mafia and the Balkans War over Kosovo. Tito once called Albania, The little troublemaker in the
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 16, 2003
      Hi Rick: Tip

      I wanted to ask your opinion about the Russian Mafia and
      the Balkans War over Kosovo. Tito once called Albania, "The little
      troublemaker in the region", and I'm considering a connection
      between Albania's shift from Stalin to China's version of Communism
      (Mao tse tung) during the Cold War, and also during the Cuban Missal
      Crises. An apparent shift also (reprisals by the Soviets vs Albania)
      took place in the Balkans during the Kosovo Campaign, a political
      shift away from China, back to Russia.

      I've been told by some analysts that the Russian Mafia and the
      Italian Mafia were both involved in the terrible stockmarket crash,
      that began the "unrest and the revolution", before the Kosovo Balkan
      War began. During that NATO Military action, the Chinese Embassy was
      hit by a NATO plane. (Is this paranoia?)

      Best regards,


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      > > Hi again, Maurice: Tip My site is called-
      > indefenseofamerica@y...
      > > It is one of the yahoo groups, and I use it to promote
      > and to support our military forces. I guess my approach may seem a
      > bit political, but after the Clinton years, downgrading our
      > and dumbing down the public schools in new socialist & cultural
      > revolution for 8 yrs, I thing a bit of conservatism may not be too
      > bad. I absolutly dispise the UN and would really like to get
      > another whack in on the Russians, but I'm 72 now and have to get
      > along with a slug of redeye and my memories of what I did to the
      > bastards when I had the chance. I don't think the Russians really
      > changed from communism, after all Major Vadimir Putin is their
      > president after Boris Yeltsin got drunk one day, over their
      > decay. Moscow has the worst case of AIDS in this world, then
      > Africa, China and Cuba. Talk about lack of standards, eh? Best
      > regards, Tip
      > Hey Tip!
      > What do you know about Russian organized crime? Part of my
      > professional experience both in the military and as a civilian
      > involved investigations relating to Russian and east european
      > organized crime. It's probably the severest problem for the
      > people and the Russian government (some would say the government
      > organized crime are the same), but it has spread beyond the
      > of Russia and eastern europe and is definitely a problem here in
      > good ole U.S of A. These guys aren't your usual hood, these guys
      > are brutal beyond the usual use of "brutal" when used with thugs.
      > Actually better terms are "vicious" or "evil" (in the worst sense
      > that word). It took a while for the crime bosses of the U.S. to
      > adopt technology (namely computer technology), but these Russian
      > crime boys and girls absolutely rely on it. They are presently
      > greatest threat to online security.
      > Anyway, I'm just curious what experiences you might have had with
      > it. I'm always looking to learn more about them because of my
      > general interest in anything "Russian."
      > Hope you and yours are well.
      > Rick
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