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Re: stupid palestinians!

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  • proleus
    ... support ... if ... Israel king of assassins. Half a century ago the jewish people were almost exterminated by the nazi regime. From my perspective, it
    Message 1 of 3 , May 20, 2002
      > Ans. The world knows, how to support... it is easier then to
      > the king of assasins ... Israel.
      > Anyway... I am also not willing to support suicide actions of
      > Palestinians... it is above my head... as well... and it is also
      > against Islamic laws... so that is why I have always thought it as
      > they have no other choice or ... if they got mad... obviously a boy
      > or girl without family and without home has no other option to
      > live... think it putting yourself in their shoes...
      > Take care!

      Israel king of assassins. Half a century ago the jewish people were
      almost exterminated by the nazi regime. From my perspective, it seems
      as if the muslim world wishes that the nazis had finished the job.
      Pitiful. Israel has done nothing to anyone over there. I know that
      alot of arabian nations are still whining about the 7 day war and the
      territory they lost. Woopie doo. That is what happens in war, you
      gain and loose territory. Israel conqured that land and therefore
      they are legitimately liable for it's use. They are not required to
      give it back to anyone.

      Military aquisition of land is how the united states covered the
      mainland of the continent. Some of our largest states (texas, new
      mexico & california) were originally part of Mexico. In the Mexican
      American war, the united states pushed all the way to the capital of
      mexico and demanded unconditional surrender. When the mexicans
      surrendered, we annexed those 3 states and retreated from mexican
      lands. In that single war, we increased our nations size by 1/3 and
      decreased mexico's size to half of what it was. Then there were the
      indian wars...

      Hmmm. C-4 is not cheap, and neither is syntek. It costs money to
      conduct a suidice bombing; especially in that nation. I could imagine
      it would cost an arm and a leg to get munitions into palestininan
      lands right now which raises the prices of explosive substantially. I
      would guess it would cost betweedn $1,000 and $10,000 american
      dollars to conduct a single suicide bombing. Regarudless of the
      living situation of the bombers, they cannot do it alone.

      As for the rumors of potential terror attacks in the united states
      that are suppost to be equal or worse than 9/11... I surely hope that
      the al qaida isn't stupid enought to do that. The american
      retaliation for such an action would be so significant it would make
      what we did in afghanistan look like nothing more than us cracking
      our nuckles preparing for a real fight. No nation posesses more
      destructive potential than the united states, no nation posesses such
      an insationable desire to protect their families than the united
      states, and no nation posesses the resolve to carry things through to
      the end like the united states. Oh yeah, don't forget that the united
      states was also the first country to use nuclear and biological
      weapons in war (nuclear in WWII, biological in vietnam).
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