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  • Judy
    The Atheist Camel ________________________________ Mike Huckabee: Another “Good Christian” with Blood on His Hands Posted: 01 Dec 2009 09:46 AM PST Mike
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      The Atheist Camel


      Mike Huckabee: Another “Good Christian” with Blood on His Hands
      Posted: 01 Dec 2009 09:46 AM PST

      Mike Huckabee can kiss his presidential aspirations goodbye. Thank Dog! One less Creationist Supernaturalist God Fearing mental midget to compete for the Presidency.

      When Southern Baptist preacher Huckabee was governor and head Creationist of Arkansas he commuted the sentences of 1,033 prisoners… twice as many as did his three predecessors combined! It was no secret that he was prone to reduce sentences of convicted felons who testified to having come to Jesus and seen the error of their criminal ways, thus appealing to Mike’s Christian values. One would be hard pressed to find many Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Wiccans, or atheists who benefited from Mike’s mercy.

      Maurice Clemmons, the piece of human flotsam that executed those four police officers in Seattle last week, was a beneficiary of Mike Huckabee’s Christian mercy. He had written a letter to then Governor Huckabee attesting to his Christian beliefs and having turned around his life.

      Bam! A felon with a long list of crimes on his record, and with a long sentence still to finish, was released with a stroke of Pastor Mike’s pen. The rest of the story is the sorry history we are reading about today.

      Huckabee had also released a convicted rapist of a teen aged girl, who promptly committed murder after his release. It would be safe to assume that of the 1,033 good Christian prisoners whose sentences were commuted by Pastor-Governor Huckabee, some significant number went on to resume their murderous, raping, robbing Christian ways.

      But Pastor Huckabee doesn’t want to own any of this. Why would he? It doesn’t speak well of his respect for the criminal justice system, his concern for the well being of his law abiding constituents, his rationality, or his ability to separate his faith from his duties as a public servant. In short, a typical religious fanatic whose lack of judgment, common sense and regard for reality wreaks havoc on society.

      We already had eight years of one of those. Been there, done that. We don’t need another. Perhaps Mike can go back to ministering to the flock full time. He can start by telling the families of those police officers how their loved ones are in a better place and it was all God’s will.

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