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9635Some Stupid Fundie Jokes...

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  • lori_love101
    Jan 1, 2006
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      Some Stupid Fundie Jokes...

      The Fundie god being male, how big is his penis? And where is Mrs.
      god? Was his penis too big, or too small ;>)

      The burning bush that the Biblical Moses spoke of in the Bible, was
      actually a hairy bitch with syphilis ;>)

      The Fundie god has a "plan"? A plan that includes an eternal hell of
      fire? One should ask the Fundie god...why not just snap your fingers
      and make all people good people? Wouldn't that save on the FUEL
      bill ;>)

      If JC is god, then he knocked-up his own mother. ;>O

      And the Fundie god ordered in the New Testament Bible,
      (1co 14:34) "women shall not speak in church." And the writer of
      the passage spoke to the Fundie god saying... "dear god, what
      in the hell are you thinking, they'll never buy that
      one." And the Fundie god replied... "hell, I made those
      screw-ups to buy anything." ;>)

      In the beginning the Fundie god made very hairy people. That way they
      would burn better in his eternal hell. Real nice guy that Fundie
      god. ;>)

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      daily...click on the link to join...

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