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9074[Death To Religion] Re: Science is faith-based and subjective / proof of God

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  • Mark
    Oct 17, 2005
      --bestonnet_00 wrote:
      > --n1n31nchn3rd wrote:
      > > What, I can't use science and math?

      -M: Science, yes, but not material science for what I am aware. The
      only *God detectors* that I am aware of are biologicals, the best
      being mystics like saints, sages and siddhas.

      Math, logic and other languages are based upon *differentiation* -
      differentiation between objects and their contexts, and
      differeitiation between input and output.

      God is undifferentiated, so math doesn't work towards proving him.

      If you want proof of God, get involved in spiritual practice and
      meditate. If you want to understand the subsiquent religious
      experiences, this is what the scriptures of the philosopher-saints
      are for.

      >B: Science isn't a good thing to use to show that something which
      doesn't exist exists.

      -M: Can you prove this?

      Mark, Seattle
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