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8935Re: Advice, anyone?

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  • bestonnet_00
    Jul 3, 2005
      You'll probably just need to somehow try to get them to agree not to
      discuss it with you. I really don't see any other way.

      --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, pink_plastic_deer
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hello, I just joined, I'm not even sure if this is the place to be
      > posting questions like this, but.......
      > I need some advice on dealing with religious relatives, who don't want
      > to listen when I say I don't believe in god, and I'm not interested in
      > their religion. It isn't a matter of just cutting off contact with
      > them, because otherwise they are good people, and I don't have much
      > family, so I try to keep in touch with them.
      > It never was an issue before, because I have lived across the country
      > from my father and various other religious family members since I was
      > 14, and I've always avoided discussing religion and politics over the
      > phone with them. But now I am moving back to the area where they live,
      > to go to school (no option in going to another school, this is the
      > one), and I am going to see much more of them. So what should I do?
      > Aviod them, or keep everyone constantly entertained during visits so
      > there is no time for the topic to even come up? Pretending to agree
      > with what they think is not an option, and discussing my beliefs just
      > leads to back and forth neverending conversations. I'm trying to have
      > a plan before I do move back.
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