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  • devas666
    Nov 7, 2004
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      They weren't being rejected. I wasn't here, and therefore couldn't
      approve them. Next time, don't send 5 messages in 3 days. Have a
      little patience!!


      --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, "johnsmissile"
      <johnsmissile@y...> wrote:
      > My message, as a member, keeps being rejected. Please, let it go
      > through. This is legitimate. I am not spamming. I follow up on
      > responses to it. Other groups have put it through and we have
      > dialogues every since. Please! I am an atheist, aren't we all
      > Thinkers? Lets work together here . . . If you do not like my
      > webpage, instead of censoring it, why not respond to it? I love
      > feedback from responsible people.
      > johnsmissile
      > From: "johnsmissile" <johnsmissile@y...>
      > Date: Sun Nov 7, 2004 10:31 am
      > Subject: Re: FOUR MORE YEARS
      > THE POST:
      > We now have four more years of an almost theocratic
      government here
      > in the US! All you
      > debaters wake up! We have to adopt a unified belief, get
      > and--if necessary--go
      > underground if--or when--it gets worse. Just how long do you
      > it will be at the present rate
      > of Religious Reaction before we get the FBI at our doorsteps? We
      > need to be thinking long-term!
      > Take a good look at
      > http://humanpurpose.simplenet.com/
      > And don't expect the Skeptics organization to save us! I ought to
      > know, I helped start one. A
      > group of pompous professors writing about UFO investigations and
      > ancient witchcraft has not
      > even slowed down the tide of Religious Reaction. It is like
      > back a crumbling dam by
      > sticking your fingers in the cracks. We need to do something
      > forceful. We need to stop being
      > passive, get unified and get organized. The web adress above is
      > first step.
      > --johnsmissile
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