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  • johnsmissile
    Nov 7, 2004
      My message, as a member, keeps being rejected. Please, let it go
      through. This is legitimate. I am not spamming. I follow up on
      responses to it. Other groups have put it through and we have
      dialogues every since. Please! I am an atheist, aren't we all Free
      Thinkers? Lets work together here . . . If you do not like my
      webpage, instead of censoring it, why not respond to it? I love
      feedback from responsible people.


      From: "johnsmissile" <johnsmissile@y...>
      Date: Sun Nov 7, 2004 10:31 am
      Subject: Re: FOUR MORE YEARS

      THE POST:
      We now have four more years of an almost theocratic government here
      in the US! All you
      debaters wake up! We have to adopt a unified belief, get organized,
      and--if necessary--go
      underground if--or when--it gets worse. Just how long do you think
      it will be at the present rate
      of Religious Reaction before we get the FBI at our doorsteps? We
      need to be thinking long-term!
      Take a good look at


      And don't expect the Skeptics organization to save us! I ought to
      know, I helped start one. A
      group of pompous professors writing about UFO investigations and
      ancient witchcraft has not
      even slowed down the tide of Religious Reaction. It is like holding
      back a crumbling dam by
      sticking your fingers in the cracks. We need to do something
      forceful. We need to stop being
      passive, get unified and get organized. The web adress above is the
      first step.

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