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  • Maurice Temples
    Sep 20, 2003

      There was a young lady here who asked for some input
      regarding atheism and some specific situations in her
      life. I gave her mine. And now you waltz in and try
      to piss all over it. Get an idea.

      There's a
      > pretty large logical conundrum there. Without a
      > finite "set" of
      > morals, how can you measure (as in "more moral") the
      > morality of one
      > kind over another?

      The conundrum is "what were you thinking?" Let's see
      now: without a finite set of inches, how can you
      measure the inchness of one inch over another? I
      suppose you think inches were handed down from some
      god or built into the fabric of the universe rather
      than being established by the big toe of some dead
      British ruler. Your "measure" is arbitrary, therefore
      relative. How would you find out how many inches your
      brain weighs? There's no translation. But it's
      entirely possible to determine the accuracy of
      measurements in terms of the scales being used for
      those measurements, and then to compare those
      accuracies to determine which one might be the more
      accurate. So what's the conundrum? If you subscribe
      to a 10-point moral code but comply with only 5, and I
      subscribe to a 12-point moral code but comply with 9,
      who's "more moral?"

      > You could be a UU - then you can invent whatever
      > definition of
      > morality you wish and therefore your statement of
      > you and your kind
      > being *more moral* than another kind would be true

      Why would you measure try to measure the weight of
      your brain in inches?

      > By inferrence, you seem to state that 'believers'
      > are not free from
      > those rituals or dogmas, even superstitions.

      I'm sorry if I only "inferred" it. I'll state it
      explicitly: Believers are not free of rituals, dogmas,
      and superstitions. Is that better?

      > characterizes every
      > religious order as having those attributes. That's
      > an incorrect
      > attribution - and blatantly so.

      You're not really awake, are you? Those are *exactly*
      the things that define a religion.

      > You know, I'm always telling my kids "Behave will
      > ya?". I guess
      > behavior is important afterall. Where do I get such
      > a notion?????
      > Thank God for atheism then?

      So? Are you one of those parents who thinks good
      behavior includes strapping a bomb to your chest and
      blowing innocent people up? Thank reason for atheism.

      > But on "articles of faith"? Just put your hand on
      > the left side of
      > your chest, feel your heart beating, and understand
      > that there's no
      > escape from faith as long as that machine's pumping
      > man - like it or
      > not.

      Oh. I guess that answers my question. You're one of
      those neanderthals who don't take their kids to the
      doctor when they need it. Get an idea, man.

      > 'Plllllease.... ANYTHING But GOD, ack!'.

      Cool! The only thing you've said that comes close to


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