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  • twoedgedsword
    Sep 15 1:59 PM
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      Maurice Said:

      "One thing I have noticed is that, as a general rule, athiests tend
      to behave more morally than believers... I think atheists behave more
      morally because they know they must take personal responsibility for
      their morality, whereas Christians can just go to confession or get

      Then he said

      "I want to point out that atheism is not a belief system. Believers
      like to characterize it as such, but that is not the case. There is no
      atheist creed to which atheists must subscribe; no dogmas, no
      rituals, no articles of faith. Atheism is the freedom from such
      things, and freedom from supernaturalism and superstition. But
      individual atheists vary widely in what they find intellectually
      acceptable. One on this group finds the idea of moral absolutes
      acceptable, which astonishes me."


      Atheists "behave... morally" even *more* morally than 'believers'.
      Somehow they accomplish this despite a "wide variety" of that which
      is "intellectually acceptable". And at the same time, you're
      astonished over the idea of support for moral absolutes. There's a
      pretty large logical conundrum there. Without a finite "set" of
      morals, how can you measure (as in "more moral") the morality of one
      kind over another?

      You could be a UU - then you can invent whatever definition of
      morality you wish and therefore your statement of you and your kind
      being *more moral* than another kind would be true as can be (for
      what it's worth). Oooops, that won't work either. I forgot about
      dogma, superstition etc.

      By inferrence, you seem to state that 'believers' are not free from
      those rituals or dogmas, even superstitions. That characterizes every
      religious order as having those attributes. That's an incorrect
      attribution - and blatantly so.

      You know, I'm always telling my kids "Behave will ya?". I guess
      behavior is important afterall. Where do I get such a notion?????
      Thank God for atheism then?

      But on "articles of faith"? Just put your hand on the left side of
      your chest, feel your heart beating, and understand that there's no
      escape from faith as long as that machine's pumping man - like it or

      Someone needs to rename this group 'Death To Logic' or better
      yet 'Plllllease.... ANYTHING But GOD, ack!'.
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