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  • Don Tipton
    Apr 2, 2003
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      Hi Rick: Tip
      Nice post, and thanks. Our daughter Ann was a paratrooper/Linguist for 7 yrs and served at Ft. Bragg, NC and Baumholder, Germany. She was medicaled out last year for having cracks in her knees. We live at Fredericksburg, VA now, but mostly in California, Vancouver, and Alaska where I was tracking the KGB interest in getting Alaska back during the period of 1978-9. They weren't interested in the oil. Russia has more oil than anyone, they are an environmental nightmare with it though.
      The KGB wanted to do a couple of neat things. 1.Slow down the emergency response time on Elmandorf AFB & Ft. Richardson, and get their agents easily into Canada and the US. My two specialties included being a "spook" inside some Law Enforcement Communities, at different times, and having all the preroggatives of both occupations all the time. ( I did this for many years and served at different times as, Prison Officer, Police Patrolman, County Special Investigator and in Alaska as an undercover A.G. Agent.)
      Because my particuclar assignments-classification there was no MOS and my unit was deployed from Antarctica to Minsk at Belarus, & Sverdlovsk in the Ural Mountain heavy Industrial Center of the USSR. (1965) I began as with commando & flight training in 1948 and sanitized in 1984. I had two cooling off periods, one in 1969 because the KGB had a photo of me and another of my double. and One in 1979 when we did a sweep of Soviet Agents in Anchorage, that were connecting with the Mafia out of Tuscon AZ. (The Bonanno Family) They began getting
      Narcotics on Ft. Richadson and Elmandorf by recruiting an MP by the name of Bob Hunt. First they got him in debt, then helped him out, then tried to get him in deeper. He took a couple of hits into the NCO & Officer Clubs, then turned to our side when he realized how he had been set up.
      This project was a ploy we used under the UMBRA description, for a while we weren't too sure what was the "scope of Soviet interest", as it turned out they had more than one goal hidden at the "center" of an otherwise simple and obvious lawbreaking activity, related to bootlegging, statewide.
      Mentioning Monterey again, I recall the gravesite o Major McLoughlin the gunfighter from the days he was in the Army. He and his daughter drove into California after he left the army, and this guy was a real pistoleer, better than the Earps or Johnny Ringo. He lost his shirt on na gold mining scheme at Oroville, CA. and had to flee to San Francisco where he met Wyatt Earp, a saloon keeper and boxing match speculator.
      McLaughlin bet on the Johnso-Firpo fight and Earp was the referee. The fight went against McLaughlin, and he went to his hotel, put on his twin ivory handled six guns and went to Earp's saloon. Earp was standing at the bar with his foot on a brass rail. McLaughlin called him out, then called him a lot more things, but Earp didn't budge from his turned back position.
      McLaughlin paid off his bets and left town comming to earth at Monterey. He kept all the boys away from his daughter and she committed suicide, and he died of a broken heart. They are both buried there with a wrought iron fence.
      Nice talking to you,

      Ricky Barnes <RickyBarnes1960@...> wrote:--- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, "Don Tipton"
      <gizzard2003@y...> wrote:

      > Well well, another spook, eh? By your liberal post I seem
      > to have underestimated you personally and professionally.

      Hi Don.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer some of the questions. I
      realize you didn't have to really but it's nice to meet someone with
      integrity and very nice to meet another "spook." I've encountered
      several others online who made claims to knowledge of intelligence
      but all turned out to be total frauds.

      I'm not certain what you mean by "liberal post." My set of
      questions to you was the only thing I've posted lately and there
      wasn't anything liberal about it that I'm aware of. I am an
      objectivist both philosophically and politically so I don't consider
      myself liberal or conservative. I consider both of those "bents" to
      be statism in one form or another. I also don't belong to any
      political party for the same reasons.

      > 2. The significance of UMBRA is, that part of any "plan or
      > manifestation" which lies to the "center and is unseen" because of
      > an overiding public acclaim to adopt that plan. It is sort of like
      > the shadowy center of a sunspot, there is no detail in the center
      > of the arrangment becaus it is concealed for some purpose.
      > (The devil is in the details)
      > SPOKE is the path that an Agent uses, to discover the real center
      > of any proposal or plan, like the rungs of a ladder, going from
      > one spoke to another till the end is in sight.

      I wasn't certain about asking this particular question because both
      of these "terms" were currently used when I was in the service and
      considering when you were involved they might not have been used
      then. This is the question I said should not be answered.

      > 7. My branch was Army, but my unit was always Multi-service and
      > there were only 19 in our group. (Our mentor was Admiral Rickover)
      > I will not provide any ID Number to you or anyone else.

      Actually, I wasn't asking for an ID number. I realize that is
      private and would never ask such a question. What I was referring
      to by "classification" was the number each of the services use to
      designate all of the particular specialties. For instance, all of
      the Army MI people I worked with were language specialists so their
      MOS was (If I remember correctly) 48G. In the Air Force my
      speciality was also language analysis and my AFSC (job
      classification) was 208XXX. I realize now that if your specialty
      was rare you might not have had an MOS like that but you might have
      and I was just curious if I'd recognize it.

      > 9. THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY is responsible for intercepting
      > worldwide signals, and eavesdropping on wired and wireless
      > systems. (SIGINT)

      This was my last duty assignment before I left the Air Force.
      Considering the location of NSA, that was the relevancy of
      the "George Meade" question.

      > 10. I am not a linguist but my daughter is, she trained in
      > California at Monterey.

      Cool. I went to DLI in Monterey three times during my time in
      service for a year each time. It's a beautiful area and I wanted to
      settle there when I got out. Unfortunately the cost of living is
      through the roof. I contemplated applying for employment at DLI or
      the Naval Postgraduate School there in Monterey but instead opted to
      go into the Navy after I left the Air Force. I hope your daughter
      is safe and not in the middle east at the moment. I trained and
      worked with a lot of Arabic linguists during my service and I'll bet
      many of them are deep in the thick of this thing.

      > COMMENTARY: How do you feel about domestic spying? I did
      > some of this as a military project if the group we interdicted
      > had a foreign source and reported to that source. i.e The
      > Aryan Nation in Idaho, at Hayden Lake, known as "neo Nazis"
      > the heirarchy are actually communists, but the rank and file
      > don't know it. (National Socialism is their economic system
      > that ties to the political system broadly known as Marxism.

      Well, in civilian law enforcement it's called surveillance but I
      know what you're saying. I did some civilian-related language work
      with a civilian law enforcement agency in Washington DC for about
      four months involving foreign organized crime-related activity in
      the area. Interesting stuff but not near as cushy working
      environment as I had at NSA.

      As far as the U.S. military being involved in "spying" on U.S.
      citizens or U.S. persons whether within the borders of the U.S. or
      out, I know in my own work we went to great lengths to avoid even
      inadvertent collection of that type of information. On many
      occasions materials had to be immediately destroyed because of such
      inadvertent intercept. My feelings about that type of collection is
      that the collection and the analysis of it isn't so much a problem
      as what we do with the information once we have it. I realize many
      non-government sponsored organizations are a direct threat to "U.S.
      interests" and surveillance of those entities is warranted. It's a
      very fine line those in intel have to walk. It's not an easy job by
      an means which is why I found it so fascinating and why I stuck with
      it for fifteen years. I kick myself almost every day for not
      staying until retirement.

      Again, nice to meet you and, I hope your daughter is safe and well.


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