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  • proleus
    Jan 1, 2003
      > I don't think romans cared much.Its the that jews didn't want
      > competition of a new company.
      > Monopoly is a best way to sell a product.

      I can assure you they did care. The romans allowed free worship of
      any religion they deemed legal. If a religion was not legal, then one
      could not worship it or face execution. They had state religions and
      originally, judaism was not a state religion. Infact for centuries,
      rome invaded and crushed Jerusalem. Infact, Jerusalem was destroyed
      and rebuilt by the romans 2 times, the second time the cementing time
      and shortly thereafter, an arrangement was made between the empire
      and the Jews that made the jewish belief a state religion. All their
      state religions were ancient in their times. Infact, they only viewed
      a belief as a religion if it was ancient. When christianity came
      along, it was the bastard-offspring of judaism. However, it was a new
      beleif with a new god and a new way of doing things. In our context,
      that would represent bolth a new religion and a new cult (the 2 are
      completely indistinguishable in my eyes and perhaps your eyes as
      well), however, to the romans, it was simply a stupid belief that
      needed to be silenced. They deemed it foolish and declared that it
      was not a religion. However, for at least a century, rome left the
      christians completely alone, but as they grew in numbers, they began
      demanding changes. That was a very big no no. They demanded to be
      recognised as a state religion, infact they wanted to be the only
      state religion, something that agitated the emperor to declare all
      cristians hunted and killed.

      I can take this story on for quite some time but I will cut myself
      off right here. Roman history is something I take deep interest in.
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