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8230Re: I think you'll all like this one.

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  • proleus
    Aug 1, 2002
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      --- In deathtoreligion@y..., bestonnet_00 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > You didn't want to give anyone ideas that could cause your death
      > you?

      Well, right now, I'm at the bottom of the shit pole. However, if I am
      fortunate to suceed and climb my way to the top, I'll have a
      few "insurance policies" that will ensure no assationation attempts
      against me...

      Before you ask..

      policy 1 : I will create an assassin guard to protect my assets and

      policy 2 : Upon procuration of power, I will have 10000 innocent
      civilians gathered into an open area with international news cameras
      all watching as my assasin guard cut all 10000 people down with
      nothing more than melee weapons.

      policy 3 : Upon completion of the massacre, I will declare to the
      world that what was witnessed is just an example of what will happen
      if I am to be assasinated. That upon my death, my guard will go into
      a fanatical killing spree killing every man, women, and child they
      encounter until they are stoped (which will be very difficult beings
      they will be brainwashed to obey only me, be trained to be superb
      fighters with exceptional strength, and will wear armor extremely
      difficult to penetrate conventionally). Upon the death of the final
      guardian, every single nuclear weapon under my control will be
      automatically launched at every major city on the planet
      (indiscretely mind you) as well has have all chemical and biological
      weapons in my posetion releaced into the most populace areas of the
      world. I would estimate 75-95% of the worlds population would die
      from my wrath and I would be forever known as the "god of
      destruction" by those few that survive...

      And you though Hitler was evil...
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