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7978Re: Bereishit 11:6

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  • devas666
    Apr 7, 2002
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      --- In deathtoreligion@y..., asawood <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > A man named Moses, quotes YHWH(IAm,Was,Will be)in Berryshit(Gen.)
      > YHWH said, ....... nothing that they [MAMKIND] propose to do will
      > be impossible for them.
      > So in Berryshit, Moses tells us that YHWH said, that man was
      > of achieving anything.
      > This statement was laughable just a century ago, but now any
      > person, can plainly see, how, given the eons of time necessary,
      > is probable.( If we escape annihilation)
      > So which is the more scientific/probable beginning for a group of
      > beings that are on the verge of omnisciency? ( A) They,Evolved
      > randomly (with out purpose) from enate matter.(of unknown origin).
      > (B)They, Are the children of some Omniscient Being.
      > Characteristics of the Creator, once thought laughable, are now
      > in us, His progenies.
      > How can anyone, now say, that it is impossible for Someone to have
      > created mankind, when we ourselves are on the verge of having the
      > same ability.
      > Those who abstain from understand, will soon need another, excuse
      > for not looking in the direction of reality. Maybe biological
      > research can develop another set of hands, to attach (somewhere) on
      > their anatomy, to give them the ability to cover both their
      > observations ports, and their audio receiving ports, unilaterally?

      Someone shorely loves the comma.

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