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7971Bereishit 11:6

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  • asawood
    Apr 5, 2002
      A man named Moses, quotes YHWH(IAm,Was,Will be)in Berryshit(Gen.)11:6

      YHWH said, ....... nothing that they [MAMKIND] propose to do will now
      be impossible for them.

      So in Berryshit, Moses tells us that YHWH said, that man was capable
      of achieving anything.

      This statement was laughable just a century ago, but now any thinking
      person, can plainly see, how, given the eons of time necessary, this
      is probable.( If we escape annihilation)

      So which is the more scientific/probable beginning for a group of
      beings that are on the verge of omnisciency? ( A) They,Evolved
      randomly (with out purpose) from enate matter.(of unknown origin).
      (B)They, Are the children of some Omniscient Being.

      Characteristics of the Creator, once thought laughable, are now found
      in us, His progenies.
      How can anyone, now say, that it is impossible for Someone to have
      created mankind, when we ourselves are on the verge of having the
      same ability.

      Those who abstain from understand, will soon need another, excuse
      for not looking in the direction of reality. Maybe biological
      research can develop another set of hands, to attach (somewhere) on
      their anatomy, to give them the ability to cover both their
      observations ports, and their audio receiving ports, unilaterally?
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