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7063Re: Creationists are at it again

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  • ab72756
    Nov 1, 2001
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      If only this were true, bestonnet, if only this
      were true.<br><br>The evolution of the human brain is
      such that when there is the training that allows for
      doubt while the brain is maturing there can and always
      will be skepticism of all things. But when a child is
      taught not to question certain things, even after they
      reach adulthood, they no longer have the free will to
      question those things. <br><br>The brain is now
      permanently wired to certain beliefs. The only way those can
      be changed is through actual brain damage such as
      trauma or stroke that destroys certain links. In these
      circumstances the conscious abilities will need to be
      reprogrammed and then new ideas can be introduced without
      causing psychotic breaks. In an adult with hardwired
      beliefs that prevent certain doubts, it would as hard for
      them to question their beliefs as it would for them to
      suddenly believe they could fly. <br><br>The brain is a
      wondrous thing but is still subject to abuse. As humans we
      must learn to allow and encourage the free formation
      of ideas in developing minds and stop introducing
      prejudices and limitations.
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