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4635Re: Pascal Et al

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  • truegingerhamster
    Dec 2, 2000
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      I figured you would turn that one down but my
      friend dave hasnt. So if i am right when i die and if
      money exists i get $100. So through my belief i stand
      to either gain nothing or gain $100. Assuming 50-50
      chance (average of our opinions), thats an Expected
      Monetary Value of $50.<br><br>The other option, not bet
      has an EMV of zero. So in economic terms im better
      off than you from my stand point. Your right its a
      crazy aregument, but hey for some stupid reason its
      right in economic terms. If i lose nothing in
      scientific consistency then it makes no real difference. So
      in my case i gain on average �50 from my standpoint
      over an atheist. Now christians on the other hand lose
      around �40 per year on church admin. So thy lose a
      considerable sum. Its economics.
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