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  • dilbert_treblid
    May 1, 2000
      1. Gilgal is thought to have lain near the
      stretch of the Jordon. It became a hollowed place for the
      Israelites after they made their crossing into Canaan, and
      stones taken from the riverbed were set up there as a
      sanctuary.<br>2. The capture of Jericho gave the Israelites their
      first stronghold in Canaan. The city, which was
      inhabited as long ago as 10,000 BC, has been described as
      the oldest in the world. A skeleton from the period
      has been unearthed. The position in which it which it
      was found suggests that death was caused suddenly -
      by fallen masonry.<br>3. The Gibeonites quickly
      realized the advantages of siding with their Israelite
      conquerors. By offering the Israelites food, they created a
      treaty of friendship which could not be broken. However,
      the Israelites could, and did, make the Gibeonites
      their slaves. A detail from a <br>14th-century BC tomb
      painting shows a similarly subservient group of Syrians
      and Libyans paying homage to a conqueror.<br>4. The
      conquest of Hazor, one of the major cities of the plains
      of Galilee, must have been a considerable challenge
      for the Israelites. Archaeological excavations have
      shown that many cities were successfully built on the
      site, and there is evidence of destruction having
      occurred during Joshua's time. All that is to be seen of
      the city today is the "tell," or a mound of
      archaeological remains.<br>5. The "hornet" may have represented
      the panic, confusion and terror into which the
      Canaanites were thrown, and which led to their defeat by the
      Israelites. Some believe, however, that the "hornet" refers
      to Egyptian forces. Certainly, in Egypt the hornet
      was a symbol of royal power. One discovered at Karnak
      and dating from about 1940 BC is part of a heiroglyph
      signifying an Egyptian king.
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