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13852Why and How Jesus Commmitted Suicide

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  • Gillespie William
    Jun 30 9:16 PM
      I will explain Jesus' alleged suicide.

      Jesus is an all knowing, all omniscient god, who as a god surely knew the future. Or so they claim.

      Jesus also knew that his preaching and rabble rousing would piss the Romans and a lot of other Jews off.

      Jesus could have escaped but he did not.

      But, Jesus hung around, and waited for the Romans to arrest him.

      At any time in his imaginary trial, Jesus could have said...no, I am not King of the Jews, no I am not here to destroy the Roman empire and he would have lived. Allegedly, he was judged by Pontius Pilate who did not want to become involved in such shenanigans and actually washed his hands of the trial.

      Thus, Jesus willingly died by "suicide by cop (i.e. Roman soldier).

      Hope this  helps....

      And take a note: When Jesus was dying, his last words were as an Atheist when he said: Oh father, why did you "forget" (forsake) me...Jesus found out too late there is no god. Oh well.

      From: Clint <cy2600@...>
      To: deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, 30 June 2012, 17:52
      Subject: Re: [Death To Religion] Atheism vs. Agnosticism

      Gillespie William wrote:
      > I saw a Motto in Sweden...of a group of Atheists.....it said:
      > "So, Jesus died for our sins."
      > "Well, who the bloody fuck asked you to kill yourself?!"
      > I like that....

      I never understood how he willingly died for our sins when the Romans
      killed him (speaking only as it relates to the joke of course). Not like
      he had a choice!

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