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13766Christmas is Just Around the Corner

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  • Gillespie William
    Oct 28, 2011
      Hi All...Just to let you in how I "feel" about religion and Christianity, I found what I had written about Christmas some years ago. Enjoy....

      In this nearing birthday of the imaginary jesus, the Christians need to show us their love.
      My Christmas Letter of Good Cheer to Christians:

      Long before you silly, confused, lying, obfuscating, faking frauds
      created your NEW religion 2000 years ago (by voting jesus in as a god in 325 AD by the Nicene Council)---Winter Solstice was celebrated for at
      least 5000 to 8000 years before you upstarts stole the celebration, up
      to and including appointing the birth of jesus as the same day as Winter Solstice, Dec 25th (which conveniently was also the birthday appointed
      to two other gods, Apollo and Mithra).

      So...when we say...Happy Winter Solstice...the traditions and
      acknowledgment of when the life-giving SUN is farthest from the earth
      and thus begins the realignment of the earth and the Sun back to being
      closer to us...so plants can live, we can grow food and eat, the earth
      warms up, water flows, and Spring is on the way...sustaining life on
      this planet, it is really significant. Your religion has completely
      ignored life on this planet which is very important. Winter Solstice
      means something real.
      Your dream world and delusional religion, cannot plant crops, sustain life, or even acknowledge the importance of the SUN....since you are
      all life-haters...and are in reality suicidal self-hating creatures, who worship a neo-god who also committed suicide....

      It is not Merry Whatever as one of you sarcastic xians said,
      chagrined at Xmas no longer being as important or "real" as it once was
      considered to be. Dec 25th is again being acknowledged as one of the
      most important days of the year known for at least 5 millenium. But, no
      never mind...the suffering of your imaginary jesus and gawd have to be
      more important than all other religions or CELEBRATIONS OF LIFE...

      Instead of celebrating life, you xians worship death and just can't
      wait to join this multiple-god trio including a "ghost"....in
      eternity...doing who knows what...how boring. OK then, I say...do
      it....Make the 25th of December the day that you join jesus....in
      heaven, or where ever your delusional and insane brain takes you. Since
      you are saved...then joining jesus in heaven...will be just a mere step
      into the harmonious, ever boring after world of your brainless religious invention.

      In fact...use the 25th of December...to have cruci-fiction
      parties....get those crosses out, nail each other to the cross....SUFFER just like jesus did....my oh my what a role model you have chosen to
      worship i.e. some nearly naked, bloody, beaten up dead guy in a diaper
      hanging on a stick who intentionally committed suicide by cop (Roman

      PS: I would never, ever ask or approve of anyone "dying for me," or
      "committing suicide" for any reason so I can go to some imaginary,
      unknown place in the sky...and I find an entire religion based on this
      "belief" out right insane. The backwards of mental hospitals are full of people like you...who have done various and hideous things to
      themselves and others in the name of god and jesus....including drowning all of their children in a bath tub because god told them to (Andrea

      If you do a Google search, or go to YouTube.com....you can take
      lessons on how to drive nails into your palms and feet just like some
      nut case Filipinos do every year. They almost got it right...problem is
      they don't hang on the stick long enough to end up like jesus...they
      just do it for only a short time, long enough to get enough attention
      from the crowds to satisfy their sick egoes.

      Oh yeah, even you dumb xians don't even get cruci-fiction right...in
      real cruci-fictions by the Romans, nails were driven through the
      wrists....not the hands, because the many, small bones in the hand can
      separate by supporting the weight of the body, causing the crucified to
      fall off the cross and just hang upside down by their feet and flop
      around like a gaffed fish....so do it right...drive those Christian
      Nails right through the wrists...and hang there...and see if god saves
      you. And the more you suffer, you will know that this is what jesus
      wants you to do...so do it. Show us your love, show us how much you are
      suffering for us. Jesus is going to be so proud.

      In the 21st Century....christianity is right up there with other
      bizarre practices, such as female genital mutilation, piercing nipples,
      lips, eye brows, noses, tongues, and other parts of the genitalia, or
      tatooing "Mother" across one's back...and other defacements of the human body. And, such practices are all supremely painful...making the
      sufferer "feel" as if they are doing something really unique,
      worthwhile, and wonderful...so join them, start nailing each other to
      the cross every year. Get on with your orgy of suffering "for us,"
      and...do it right, after all jesus did it, so, why you too?

      Just how much you xians hate yourselves and are willing to suffer
      because of self-hate, including hate for all of human life (the sin of
      carnality) depends on how hypocritical the xian is in reality. Real
      xians can't wait to die. You xians state frequently, that you are "born
      sinners"...you are born evil, you are not even worthy of kissing the hem of jesus "dress,"

      And,...the rest of you fake your self hate, when in reality, you are
      full of narcisscistic, hysterical, egotistic need to dominate others,
      and psychologically use blackmail, extortion and threats, including
      instilling guilt and shame to manipulate other unsophisticated, and
      vulnerable human beings. Therefore, to better "sell" xianity like used
      car salesmen,using the most base emotions and manipulations, you xians
      need to crucify yourselves as a witness to your "faith" and an example
      of how much "christian love" means.

      In reality, whereby you xians then want the rest of us to worship
      your suffering....its all about YOU...and getting attention. Afterall,
      the word "christian" means little christ...so be a little christ and
      crucify yourselves just like jesus did. Show us by example....what we
      should do, show us your love.
      Xianity is all about insecurity, fear, lack of self esteem or a sense of worth of your own life and the life of others...Your religion is an
      example of the LUDDITE fear of progress, and the need to self destruct
      into annialistic mindlessness of which you just think you are going to
      Freud and other philosophers of psychology have noted there are two
      main drives in human beings...the drive to Live, and the drive to
      Die....The Christian Religion has taken the drive to DIE and encased it
      in an art form and an orgy of self hate, and the worship of suicide and
      self mutilation....well OK then...stop whining around telling everyone
      we should be just like you...show us by example, what you really worship and believe.

      Every one of you xians...should re-enact the cruci-fiction on
      yourselves....show us how much you love and emulate jesus...jesus is
      afterall, the example you follow, so do it...crucify yourselves.

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