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  • bestonnet_00
    Jan 4, 2011
      --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, "eh60driver" wrote:
      > Wade made the point that religion prepares its followers for war.

      Depends on what religion (and also on what parts of that religion are emphasised).

      Still, the most successful religions (at least in terms of number of members) do tend to be pretty violent.

      > Not that religion is the cause of war, but it is a motivator for
      > war.

      Religion has been the cause of wars.

      > Wars are all political, but would be hard to convince people to die
      > for politics.

      Survival can also convince people to fight, as can ideals like democracy.

      > Secular societies have substituted religion of god for religion of
      > nationalism.

      Sometimes, but not always.

      > So, religion does not really disappear in societies with high
      > standards of living.

      Well church attendance drops, as do the number of people claiming to be religious and it doesn't seem to be replaced by anything.

      > Those societies need young people willing to die for that standard,
      > and what better way than the religion of nationalism?

      Some of those societies are peaceful.

      > And in the US, religion has not nearly disappeared.

      The US is an outlier probably due to the high level of income inequality among developed countries.

      > And the US is the most militaristic society that has ever existed
      > (my opinion).

      No way, the US is a pretty militant democracy (along with the UK, India and Israel) but has nothing on the Roman Empire for militarism.
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