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13638Re: [Death To Religion] Misguided religion= Atheism.

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  • Clint
    Nov 5, 2010
      praesto12 wrote:
      > I don't despise anyone in this group.I don't think I've presented that, and if
      > I have it's not true.


      > I think you need to believe that I am a facist and that I am "narrow-minded."
      > You need to believe that I am not open to talking to homosexuals,atheist,
      > muslims extc. You have to believe something like that because it makes it easier
      > for you to reject the Christian message you don't want to hear.

      "I belong to and believe whole-heartedly in one of the most hate-filled,
      violent religions ever... yet I'm not like that."

      Almost like saying "I'm a Nazi and burn Jews but I don't believe in the
      what it says nor do I hate Jews."

      Ok, that is a bit of an extreme comparison but you get the point
      (probably not). You can pick and choose what you want out of your
      religion but it is full of hatred, chauvinism, violence, genocide,
      intolerance, racism, slavery, infanticide, and so forth. I do reject
      it's message and I'd rather not hear it for those very obvious reasons.
      Anyone with half a brain would do so as well.

      > The scope of email is limited, so "arguing" is limited. But let me say that
      > I owe nothing to any of you in the context of presenting or not presenting a
      > fact or argument for anything. I am not on your clock buddy. I owe you nothing.
      > Likewise you do not have to present an argument to me for why you reject Jesus.
      > That's between you and him.

      What jesus? Can I talk him? Where is he? I got something I'd like to say
      to him.

      Oh right. No one has ever seen him nor is there any evidence he ever
      existed. This could be harder than I thought.

      > I do not preach.


      > I did not give up on the DH discussion. I'm interested in
      > learning more on the subject. And, I'm not sure why you are saying that I am
      > against rational discussion.

      I'm not sure what DH stands for but most of this is nonsense. And I'm
      not sure what you define as rational, but I haven't seen much of it.

      > You claim that I "despise" everyone. You call
      > me "narrow-minded." You are very much as ad homenium as you say that I am. I do
      > admit that I dislike "educators" that spend their lives trying to pull
      > people away from God. I also feel sorry for them as well.

      Aw. Poor, other-Richard. I'm getting a mixed message here in that you
      want us to feel sorry for you but you're the bigger man feeling sorry
      for others. Either way, this is just more rambling nonsense.
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