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12923Atheism is Extinct!

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  • Rev. Hydrogen
    May 4, 2010
      Atheism is dead. I killed it
      5 MAY 2010 (EoA day) R.I.P.

      Topic 1. Atheism is a religion!
      Teaser Atheists are religious people up to their necks
      in faith belief knowledge and god just like the rest of us
      (except that they're beliefs are exceedingly extreme).

      Topic 2. What is atheist basis for a belief that God does not exist?
      Teaser The atheist catch-cry is show me the proof of God.
      yet atheists have no basis for their beliefs.
      (and as a minority ,no right to pass on the burden of proof)

      Topic 3 Chances of no intelligent designer are almost ZILTCH !
      Teaser Atheists face impossible odds of 1 in 10^100 by some
      scientific conservative estimates.


      Rev H.
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