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12577Re: [Death To Religion] 2009

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  • Richard Godwin
    Jan 1, 2010
      Not really. Philosophy like everything else has evolved, and of course
      there are very many conflicting ideas and theories in this field, but if you
      follow the major trend these days, philosophy follows science, its verified
      theories, and scientific methodology. Like every other venture, you have to
      sift out the BS from the verifiable part of it, along with its primary
      philosophers of this age. What philosophy has going for it that religion
      doesn't the philosophical method, which is based on the best use of reason
      with relevant and important evidence. The key method is critical thinking,
      and I think the additional key of pragmatism, following what works well for
      a purpose. It is important that nothing be considered certain, that there
      are probabilities of varying degrees, and everything must be questioned.
      Verified theories are tentative and contingent, moving on to future
      evolution of ideas.


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      >> So now with all the skepticism, you have hit bottom, and you have
      >> to work your way back up to something. Otherwise you will die a
      >> disappointed old man with an empty brain. What is it about
      >> philosophy that you deem BS?
      > When you consider that much of philosophy was very smart people being
      > completely wrong it not hard to figure out why it is full of BS.
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