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11962Re: [Death To Religion] Re: Questions from a God fearing christian about Atheism

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  • Richard Godwin
    Aug 10, 2009
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      Sent: Sunday, August 09, 2009 3:47 PM
      Subject: [Death To Religion] Re: Questions from a God fearing christian
      about Atheism

      > There can't be a better source than the Bible. I don't know what type of
      > research you do, but the evidence that the bible is authentic is
      > overwhelming. The same criteria used to determine any historical document
      > is used on the bible as any other historical document and the evidence is
      > overwhelming. Also there has never been one archeological find to refute
      > an event in the bible.

      Really??? What evidence. You talk a big talk, so now let's see some
      walking. Give me your evidence.

      It is God's word. Truth is not relavant to what you believe. The truth is
      the truth. The sun will rise in the morning. That's true. If your blind you
      may not believe that there is a sun. Does that mean the blind man knows the

      The Vedas are much earlier, and probably more truth there. The sun doesn't
      rise. Where do you come from?

      > You are exactly right in that the most important thing is to seek the
      > truth. If your looking for it through the prism of what man writes then
      > you are not going to find it. The history of man proves that. When have
      > they ever got it right.

      R: So God wrote it? Did you see him do that? Is your God a genocidal
      maniac as the Bible says?

      > The difference between you and I is that I am saved and you are not. We're
      > both broken sinners who needs salvation. Where do you think you are going
      > to spend eternity.

      R: I think you will die and be gone just like everyone else. What proof do
      you have otherwise?--not something your God wrote. People fool themselves
      all the time/

      > --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, "devasma" <devasma@...> wrote:
      >> You might have better luck using a source outside of the bible. Many
      >> dispute the bible's truth, and will not take "but the bible says so!" as
      >> a valid argument. Also - "you're" = "you are", "your" = "your". "There"
      >> = "there", "they're" = "they are".
      >> Personally, I think the most important thing is to seek knowledge. Your
      >> truth is not my truth is not Bestonnet's truth is not a Buddhist's truth
      >> is not a Muslim's truth is not a ... etc. Just because you say it is the
      >> truth, doesn't actually make it the truth.

      R: I think you should take it more easy with that crack you're smoking. It
      might kill you, eternally dead.

      >> Devas
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