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11950Re: [Death To Religion] Questions from a God fearing christian about Atheism

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  • Richard Godwin
    Aug 6, 2009
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      Although I am a Christian (very liberal), I'll bite.

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      > 2. How do you explain away the crucifixion?

      I don't. I would say a probably, since it is supported what probably are
      genuine remarks of Josephus and Pliny (the Roman historian). A man named
      Jesus having a group of followers was crucified by the Romans.

      > 3. How do you explain the empty tomb?

      Probably inauthentic, since there is no acceptable witness (only stories in
      an obviously polemic gospel), with no external evidence, either in writing
      or in artifact of some other kind. There is very high motive to invent it.

      > 4. How do you explain the resurrection?

      Definitely not. Not only is there no witness, EVEN in the Bible, but no
      external evidence, and primarily because it violates what we know of the way
      nature operates, i.e. natural law. Also it very well follows the various
      myths of a dying and rising god, such as Mithra, Dionysius, and Apollonius.

      > 5. How do you explain fulfilled prophecy?

      You need to specify that, and explain in each case how that would apply
      specifically to Jesus Christ.

      > 6. How do you explain the completely changed lives of those who witnessed
      > the risen Lord? (Disiples, Paul, etc.)

      Happens all the time. But here you provide only the Bible, no external
      source. But there are external sources among the early Christians in
      history, you could mention. But primarily, this is not unique in history.

      > 7. Why wasn't christianity proven to be a hoax 2000 years ago? After all
      > there were many just as you who despised Jesus and his message and they
      > had him killed.

      Probably because it's not a hoax, and because very few people despise Jesus
      and his message.

      Thank you for your additions, and surely it is a great temptation you give
      with the carrot of eternal glorious life after we die. I suspect very few
      people would want to go to hell. For sure there are a lot of "blind" people
      out there.


      > I will conclude this post with several Bible verses for you to ponder and
      > a short story.
      > Mark 4:13 so that, "they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever
      > hearing but never understanding, otherwise they might turn and be
      > forgiven!"
      > Acts 5:38,39 Therefore, in the present case I advise you; Leave these men
      > alone! Let them go! For if there purpose or activity is of human origin,
      > it weill fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these
      > men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.
      > Finally, three blind men were walking down a road and bumped into an
      > elephant. The first grabbed its leg and said this must be a tree. The
      > second grabbed the trunk and and said this must be a snake. The third
      > grabbed the tusk and said this must be a spear. Moral of the story. The
      > truth is the truth regardless of what we perceive. SO WHEN WE ARE TALKING
      > DEPENDS ON IT.
      > I hope to have some good discussion. You are welcome to email me also.
      > PLEASE don't try to blow smoke up my butt with any pshyo enlightment. I
      > know of what I speak and you won't change my thinking with it.
      > May God Bless
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