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11543Re: [Death To Religion] Re: Introduction

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  • Richard Godwin
    Jan 9, 2009
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      and again
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      Subject: Re: [Death To Religion] Re: Introduction

      > Richard Godwin wrote:
      >> ---Slavery was universally supported, not a good example for you.
      > That's an odd choice of words. I don't think the majority of the
      > population, who incidentally fell into slavery, supported it.

      Ha, good point, never thought of that! But probably not relevant.

      >> The power of all
      >> religions has been fading over recent times, and continues to fade, and
      >> that's good.
      > That's not what I read. In fact, islam is spreading like a disease. "New
      > age" religions as well as old religions like paganism and wicca for
      > example are growing as well. More and more religions are taking grip.
      > Seems to me christianity is the only one on the decline... in the US and
      > Europe.

      Yes, you're right about Islam. Christianity is changing and has been for
      some time, abandoning Fundamentalist ideas.

      >> ----Pure speculation. But yes, for those who harm others through some
      >> claim
      >> of any religion, we have the laws of the State which prohibit that. The
      >> quest for power over others is not only in religion, even though religion
      >> has been the primary source.
      > The church doesn't rule like it used to here. It's influence is on the
      > decline. And need I remind you this is mainly just in America and
      > Europe. Religion still holds well in other nations. State end federal
      > laws prevent the church from basically doing much of anything nowadays.
      > That's why they now try to get into power through politics and public
      > teaching positions which they haven't held in a long time. In most other
      > nations, religious fanatics are still in those positions and is why
      > people like you claim that it's the fault of government or whatever and
      > not religion.

      ===People like me? I never said anything like that anyway. I am critical
      of religion, not the government.
      >> Christianity is on the way to reject
      >> exclusivity.
      >> Richard.
      > Very little do I agree you. This is one of those rare moments you
      > actually state a true fact... well, statistically speaking anyway... lol.
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