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11541[Death To Religion] Re: Introduction

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  • kschwiebert@prodigy.net
    Jan 9, 2009
      The only reason religion may be on the decline in Europe and the US
      is that secular people, who believe in science, reason, and the law,
      fought and died to re-make their governments. We broke the long
      standing conspiracy between the church and the royalty with the last
      major fight being in Russia with the Communist Revolution. The
      Christian heirarchy did not simply give up their power and they seek
      to have it restored someday, as they believe it is god's will. As
      Mike Huckabee said on the campaign trail in 2008. "We need a
      Constitution based on God's Law." That is their goal, make no

      --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, Clint <n1n31nchn3rd@...>
      > Richard Godwin wrote:
      > > ---Slavery was universally supported, not a good example for you.
      > That's an odd choice of words. I don't think the majority of the
      > population, who incidentally fell into slavery, supported it.
      > > The power of all
      > > religions has been fading over recent times, and continues to
      fade, and
      > > that's good.
      > That's not what I read. In fact, islam is spreading like a
      disease. "New
      > age" religions as well as old religions like paganism and wicca for
      > example are growing as well. More and more religions are taking
      > Seems to me christianity is the only one on the decline... in the
      US and
      > Europe.
      > > ----Pure speculation. But yes, for those who harm others through
      some claim
      > > of any religion, we have the laws of the State which prohibit
      that. The
      > > quest for power over others is not only in religion, even though
      > > has been the primary source.
      > The church doesn't rule like it used to here. It's influence is on
      > decline. And need I remind you this is mainly just in America and
      > Europe. Religion still holds well in other nations. State end
      > laws prevent the church from basically doing much of anything
      > That's why they now try to get into power through politics and
      > teaching positions which they haven't held in a long time. In most
      > nations, religious fanatics are still in those positions and is why
      > people like you claim that it's the fault of government or whatever
      > not religion.
      > > Christianity is on the way to reject
      > > exclusivity.
      > >
      > > Richard.
      > Very little do I agree you. This is one of those rare moments you
      > actually state a true fact... well, statistically speaking
      anyway... lol.
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