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11540Re: [Death To Religion] Re: Introduction

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  • Clint
    Jan 9, 2009
      Richard Godwin wrote:
      > No I don't. I don't think in terms of options and evaluating them. I find
      > "truth" (not necessarily propositional truth) in all religions I have
      > studied. I do find the mystical elements of Christianity and Buddhism the
      > most fruitful. I strongly oppose all dogma and of course exclusivity.
      > Richard.

      Fair enough, I suppose. I oppose religion as well but I think that for
      the sake of the argument even I could pick out a religion that's better
      suited than the others. It's just a simple question. By answering it,
      doesn't mean you support religion. It's no different than if you'd
      rather ride a bike and someone asks you what car looks better. Lighten
      up, eh?
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