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11536Re: [Death To Religion] Re: Introduction

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  • Richard Godwin
    Jan 9, 2009
      Below please:

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      Subject: [Death To Religion] Re: Introduction

      > The problem is that it is not just the Medieval Church who
      > committed all these crimes. As I described in my prior post, we can
      > trace this violent streak all the way through to modern times. Post
      > Enlightenment we witness the establishment of and Christian doctrinal
      > support of slavery.

      ---Slavery was universally supported, not a good example for you.

      We see the same with the Christian zeal for
      > colonialism, forced conversion, and death to those who refuse. We see
      > witch trials in the 1600's and burning crosses in the 1960's.

      ---Where death to those who refuse? Of course, I did not indicate there was
      no violence, etc. after the Enlightenment. Of course there was some. There
      is a problem: many groups claim to be Christian, but were or are they
      really? The Klu Klux Klan: was that a Christian organization?

      > Christianity has developed a malignancy which permits and subtley
      > encourages violence against and repression of non Christians. To say
      > it is less prevalent today is not a credit to Christian "diversity",
      > it is a credit to those who sought to limit its power over our lives.

      --Again you make the mistake of lumping all so-called Christian groups you
      despise to include all Christianity: composition fallacy. The power of all
      religions has been fading over recent times, and continues to fade, and
      that's good.

      > Were the church's former powers restored we would surely see the same
      > behavior, and we do, in fact, in communities where it still is
      > allowed.

      ----Pure speculation. But yes, for those who harm others through some claim
      of any religion, we have the laws of the State which prohibit that. The
      quest for power over others is not only in religion, even though religion
      has been the primary source.

      > There is no such thing a "universal love" in a religion that
      > insists on its being right to the exclusion of all other faiths or
      > non believers. It can not be. There may be some derivative Christian
      > sects which try to square all this up, but most of their brtheren
      > would say that are not Christian at all.

      ---Again fallacy of composition. Christianity is on the way to reject

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