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  • kschwiebert@prodigy.net
    Jan 8, 2009
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      While I left out Islam as an example of a religion which did not
      commit genocide to impose its beliefs on others, I should have
      included it. While it is true that Muslims conquered many regions and
      spread their faith, they did not, as a rule, impose it on Christians
      and Jews. Within the Caliphate Christians and Jews were tolerated,
      allowed to practice their religions, but had to pay a special tax
      which Muslims did not. While they were less tolerant of other non-
      Abrahamic religions, they behaved much more humanely than Christians
      ever did in the same circumstances.

      --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, "Jack Musser"
      <gladflyweather@...> wrote:
      > I am an atheist, but I do not have any great antipathy to religion,
      > fact I am inclined to defend it because I believe religion is an
      > inevitable reality for man, 2. I believe that Christianity is one
      > the better options, 3. I believe it is possible to criticize
      > Christianity without becoming obnoxious and giving atheists a bad
      > 4. I believe atheists should criticize the worst manifestations of
      > religion and use the best in any religion to challenge its
      > My intent is not to create any antagonism, only to reason with
      > who find this topic of interest. If we disagree, we can have a
      > time trying to defend our positions.
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