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  • Richard Godwin
    Jan 8, 2009
      It is easy to overlook the diversity of Christianity, even at its beginning.
      Lumping all different groups in one which you describe, mostly medieval
      Catholicism, commits at the least the logical fallacy of composition. It
      appears the violence of Catholicism began with the Roman Emperor Constantine
      appropriating the nascent religion into his unification program for the
      Empire. Thus the combination of religion with the State provided fertile
      ground to all kinds of abuses, both with people and with wealth. Throughout
      history State religions have caused these kinds of problems. Eastern
      religions have not been so inclined, and Islam has a long history of
      resistance to unification of religion with the State, based on recognition
      of abuses at times of such unification in their history. In Christianity,
      the beginnings of Protestantism brought cessation to most of those abuses.
      Perhaps judgment of Western religions, especially Christianity, should
      better begin with the Age of Enlightenment. The problems since then have
      been caused by what became called the Fundamentalists and the plenary
      literal interpretion of the Bible, but that form of Christianity gradually
      has been minimized, especially from the beginning of the 20th century, and
      most Fundies (Evangelicals) hold beliefs in countering violence in lieu of
      helping needy people, with a strong emphasis on universal love. The attacks
      on Christianity by Richard Dawkins in particular, and partially by others,
      have been directed at the Fundamentalists, in which he and others also
      lumped all Christianity. In criticisms and condemnations, it would be
      better to pick out the particular Christian groups, some of which have
      become cults, such as the Korish group in Waco, Texas, and the Falwell (dead
      now), Pat Robertson, and other televangelist Fundies.


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      Subject: [Death To Religion] Re: Introduction

      > What exactly makes Christianity one of the better options? It has,
      > over its 2000 year existence, pursued murder, warfare, and genocide
      > to impose its beliefs on others. It has, and continues to in many
      > circles, subjucated women. It has, and continues to in most of its
      > derivatives, mentally abused small children with fairy tales about
      > going to hell for simply having "impure" thoughts. In some cases it
      > has sanctioned and protected the physical abuse of children, even to
      > this day. Can all these things be said about Hinduism, Buddhism,
      > Judaism? Can any of these things be said about those 3 religions?
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      > <gladflyweather@...> wrote:
      >> I am an atheist, but I do not have any great antipathy to religion,
      > in
      >> fact I am inclined to defend it because I believe religion is an
      >> inevitable reality for man, 2. I believe that Christianity is one
      > of
      >> the better options, 3. I believe it is possible to criticize
      >> Christianity without becoming obnoxious and giving atheists a bad
      > rap,
      >> 4. I believe atheists should criticize the worst manifestations of
      > any
      >> religion and use the best in any religion to challenge its
      > believers.
      >> My intent is not to create any antagonism, only to reason with
      > those
      >> who find this topic of interest. If we disagree, we can have a
      > good
      >> time trying to defend our positions.
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