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11520good vs evil and reproduction

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  • feelosofree
    Dec 14, 2008
      Let's Consider that goodness, growth, and being kind to one another,
      is a superior force over the force of destruction, death, and being
      mean to each other. (To do this, we consider all possibilities)
      Let's consider a universe with only the force of destruction. As
      death /destruction progress, they take whatever is alive, and kill
      it, so that where life once was, now exists (is produced) nothing
      and nothingness. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. Pretty soon, life
      becomes scarce, while a whole lot of empty space and inanimate
      material is left behind. After awhile, all the life is killed, and
      then what? With no life left to kill, the force of destruction comes
      to a stop (no more destroying can be done), because from nothing,
      this force can go no further from there. Here is a definite bottom
      to the universe.
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Now
      consider the force of good-and-growth as being the only force
      around. As this force acts, it takes nothingness/lifeless matter
      (dust), and creates life in its place. Soon everything starts to
      come alive. Pretty soon we begin to run out of improvements to make.
      Emptiness and undeveloped raw material (dust) starts to come into
      short supply. If everything is alive, then no more growth can be
      done, and thus the force of good is stopped, right? Well, there's
      not so much an absolute ceiling, as there is an absolute bottom. You
      see, life forms can advance/be advanced and become ever more capable
      and alive; and this thus continues the force of growth/goodness.
      And, a universe that is alive (full of life), is very capable -able
      to do lots of things, (unlike a barren universe consisting of
      nothingness). And with that life/capability, it can bridge barriers
      and reach raw material (dust) that had previously been separated
      from it by a barrier. Hence, the force of goodness and growth can
      survive by itself much better than the force of destruction/death
      can. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      ALSO, it takes life-and-capability to do or be either the force of
      good-and-growth, or the force of destruction. The lack of life can't
      do/be either force. Since what the force of good produces is life,
      such life can continue to do forces. But since what the force of
      destruction produces is death, nothingness, voids in life; since
      this cannot do or support either force, then the force of
      destruction alone is destined to a quick end while the force of good
      and growth alone is destined to continue.
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ALSO,
      since only life can do-be either force: When destruction experiences
      what it produces, or is applied to itself, it doesn't grow, but
      instead shrinks to nothing. xxxxxxxxxx But when goodness experiences
      what it produces, (when goodness is good to itself) it does not die,
      but instead, grows. So that the force of destruction needs something
      other than just itself to exist (is a parasitic force), while the
      force of good does not and is self sufficient with just itself. So
      that when alone, good survives while destruction self eliminates and
      vanishes. From this we can see that good and growth, is a superior
      force to the force of death and destruction.

      Consider the concept of supply and demand; as applied to human
      beings. If there is a shortage of humans, then they will have a
      higher value and will be treated better. But if there is a surplus
      of humans, then their value will be low, and they will be treated
      poorly, according to their low value according to supply and
      demand. So that when women are considering how many humans to
      produce in terms of how large a family to have; collectively, they
      have quite an impact on how we all are treated by those economic
      forces that rule over us all.
      And then there is the conservative, religious rules over our
      sexuality. But first let us consider sexual reproduction in
      itself. Sexual reproduction produces offspring that are not exact
      copies of their parents, but who are different from their parents to
      some degree. So, sexual reproduction generates differences between
      each of us. Now, if we were all to have sex with each other in
      unrestricted sexual reproduction, then those differences would be
      spread all back among our population and we would not build on or
      accentuate those differences. But that's not the way sexual
      reproduction works in our world. Sexual reproduction is restricted
      to one man one woman and to form a family grouping to raise the
      offspring produced. So that the differences generated by sexual
      reproduction are preserved and compounded over each successive
      generation; so that different groups of people are developed each
      being good in one particular area, while not so good in the other
      areas. So that as individuals they cannot function well, but only
      as a group can they work together to combine their good areas to
      make a complete and competent societal whole. Thus the rulers of a
      society have at their beck and call, all the humans of the society
      to do their bidding, because as individuals they are all unbalanced
      in their skills, incapable of being self sufficient as individuals,
      who can only survive and excel by joining as a group each to
      contribute their best skill. So that what the conservative rules
      over our sexual reproduction do is to breed individuals who are
      slaves who are easily molded by the rulers of a society, who are
      incapable of much independence as individuals, so that we are more
      so a commodity to be used by those who rule over us. Sometimes one
      may resent being part of this conservative religious breeding
      program that has made us to be not free, but slaves to those who
      rule over us.
      anger management, sex, and religion (towards the end). Since someone
      is blocking me
      from directly putting my link in this message.