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11408Re: [Death To Religion] Re: A Strategy of 'Subversive Rationalization' for a post-Ab

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  • Richard Godwin
    Apr 9, 2008
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      Subject: [Death To Religion] Re: A Strategy of 'Subversive Rationalization'
      for a post-Ab

      > --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Godwin" <meta@...> wrote:
      >> Nothing really to comment on there. Another reason for withdrawing
      >> the special legal priveleges of religious organizations is
      >> exemplified in the just now court case initiated by the
      >> fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints polygamists to prohibit continued
      >> police investigations in their Texas compound, due to religious
      >> exemptions.
      > I can't see them winning that case, religious exemptions can't get you
      > out of violating secular laws (otherwise people would be starting
      > religions that require their adherents to rob banks).

      On the whole you are right, but in many specific cases you are wrong.
      Catholic priests practicing child abuse as pediphiles show where you are
      >> It's completely ridiculous and clearly showing the necessity for
      >> revising these laws protecting religions.
      > I'd be more inclined to bring up faith healing and denial of real
      > medicine to kids, that's probably the worst of all religious
      > exemptions still existing in developed countries (and the polygamists
      > aren't likely to win).

      Agreed, except the polygamists HAVE BEEN winning. Why wouldn't they
      continue to win? But agreed there is some small progress in the direction
      of beating them. Fear of the Waco incident holds back progress though.

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