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11407Re: [Death To Religion] Re: A Strategy of 'Subversive Rationalization' for a post-Ab

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  • Richard Godwin
    Apr 9, 2008
      This really is humorous. It shows how prejudice and emotional involvement
      in politics is displayed in argument, same as religious discourse.


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      Subject: [Death To Religion] Re: A Strategy of 'Subversive Rationalization'
      for a post-Ab

      > I'm going to have to very strongly disagree with the crap you just posted.
      > --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, "Tim " <timothydj@...> wrote:
      >> Obama probably will be the offering for the Dems. He is for sure a
      >> racist that has very little to offer except the ability to spend
      >> money like he's mad at it and line of marxist rethoric that,
      >> typically, makes no sense at all. He offers less hope than the
      >> Lottery. He might make a good, smooth talkin' Secetary of State if
      >> he didn't have such a disdain for everything American.
      > The Democrats realise that capitalism is the only economic system that
      > actually works and that includes Obama.
      > He is not in anyway Marxist (government funded healthcare is used by
      > most prosperous capitalist economies and it works pretty damn well).
      >> He would accomplish as much as the do-nothing Dems in the do-nothing
      >> Congress.
      > Right, so Bill Clinton who did more to deregulate the US economy was
      > do-nothing.
      >> Sadly, this is a time when we could use a little leadership but
      >> there's little chanch of that.
      > No, it's a time when the US could use someone who isn't a Republican
      > theocrat.
      > Though it does amuse me that libertarians that claim to care the most
      > about civil rights often vote Republican despite it being the
      > Democrats that would be the better match.
      > Oh well, US politics is so stupid I'm glad I don't live there.
      >> I'm mixed about religion in politics. It's a great tool for keeping
      >> the sheep in line but sometimes the sheep want me to jump over the
      >> cliff with them.
      > Exactly the problem.
      > But why the fuck do you want to keep them in line? Can't you accept
      > people thinking for themselves?
      > BTW: Do you know who it is that all those religious people are going
      > to follow and be in line with?
      > Won't be someone you'll want making decisions.
      >> Religion might be with us forever- humans might need it to replace
      >> whatever we lost in the way of instincts when our brains got big.
      > We don't seem to lost anything in the way of instincts and whilst we
      > may have to deal with religion forever I don't think it'll be the
      > majority viewpoint forever.
      >> Isn't socialism just another religion?
      > No, neither is communism or libertarianism.
      > Though all three beliefs can be taken to an extreme like religion (and
      > often are) and when they become quasi-religious they tend to be very
      > dangerous if they get power (look at what the communists managed to do
      > and what some of the right-wing dictators managed).
      > Social Democracy though is quite well proven (though not strictly
      > socialism since the means of production are mostly privately owned).
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