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11291Re: it ain't my fault

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  • bestonnet_00
    Dec 1, 2007
      --- In deathtoreligion@yahoogroups.com, Alex <alexx52@...> wrote:
      > Newspaper article:
      > "Pope Benedict XVI strongly criticized atheism in a
      > major document released Friday, saying it had led to
      > some of the 'greatest forms of cruelty and violations
      > of justice' ever known."

      Ignoring the fact that communism (which was what actually caused the
      atrocities he mentions) is quite a lot more like Christianity then
      what most of the people who call themselves atheists actually believe.

      > I guess christians and muslins have not caused any
      > suffering for the rest of humanity.
      > The inquisitions never happened.
      > The crusades never happened.]

      Good point. I suspect that on a per capita basis the Crusades and
      inquisitions resulted in a greater proportion of dead (and the
      communist regimes were no where near as good at torture as the
      Christians were).

      > The muslins want to kill a woman for nameing a teddy
      > bear muhammad.

      Some of them even want the pope dead.

      > What peaceful people believers are!!!

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