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10462Why i hate god??

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  • harry
    May 4, 2006
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      hi ppl,
      i m from India. as many of you know that it is not a developed
      country, and how can it be with most of its population wasting time in
      prayers and other religious activities. ppl here are so committed in
      there religious acts that they will walk 25 Kms without stopping just
      to have a glimpse of some stone. if they would have given just 10% of
      commitment to their work, India would have been far ahead today.
      If their is no rain for a few days ppl gather in temples to pray for
      rain or gather on streets and dance to please rain gods. Why can't
      they understand that their dance on street can't have effect on even
      the next street, leave alone the weather.
      According to me their is no God but even if he is their, he deserves
      nothing more than hate as it is because of him that ppl can't live
      normal lives.
      ppl pray with full concentration but don't study with half of that. By
      seeing the situation today i don't think that anything is gonna change
      in near future as nobody is ready to hear anything against God.

      It is said that India is a secular country but what if something is
      holy in one religion which is taken in bad sense by the other. who
      will be allowed to follow his religion?? If it is just the amount of
      ppl following the religion decides what to do then how is India

      Following one religion always make u hate the other religion. even if
      u think that u don't think so just imagine if something considered
      holy in your religion is considered as trash in other religion. i m
      sure that u'll be feeling bad by just reading this. so it is very
      clear that u start hating the other religion. no religion can be
      called right or wrong as if u can believe in your religion the other
      person also has right to believe in something even if u feel that it
      is wrong.

      and who can decide what is right or wrong??

      if it is the religious leaders than i feel very sorry as if we look
      deeply then we'll easily see that every religious leader has criminal
      cases in his/her name, so are we to follow criminals??

      i m fed up with all these religions and God as they are the only cause
      of hatred among ppl and they deserve to be hated more than anything
      else in this world. thay are the worst things available in this world.
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