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fyi, someone used my email address fraudulently, does that mean someone's paying attention?

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Clearly from the spate of posts to lists I moderate or post regularly to I am being targeted here by someone trying to effect my work adversely by posting
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2003
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      Clearly from the spate of posts to lists I moderate or post regularly to I
      am being targeted here by someone trying to effect my work adversely by
      posting fraudulently from Hindustan Times website and others, using my email
      address as sender without my knowledge or control. This is a new twist and
      someone is spending lots of time at it.

      From: David Crockett Williams <gear2000@...>
      To: .General Agency Services <gear2000@...>
      Subject: fyi, someone used my email address fraudulently, does that mean
      someone's paying attention?
      Date: Friday, August 22, 2003 5:58 PM

      Interesting development since I posted the below exchange with an
      anti-nuclear activist concerned with how this issue applies in India
      and regarding the hostilities between Hindus and Moslems, with
      shown pseudonyms, emails from anonymous website sends from
      Santa Monica City College (link to US State Dept. terrorist
      organizations list) and from the Hindustan Times site with link to article
      on terrorism in India including the message "Terrorist sympathizer, you are
      being watched."

      For the record, I was baptised Episcopalian as an infant, I embraced Islam
      in 1963 at age 18 at a meeting of the Los Angeles Mosque under tutelage of
      James Waldron -- as a culture of peace and brotherhood of believers in The
      One God -- who gave me the Moslem name of Daoud ibn Daoud Abdul Allah
      (David, son of David and Servant of The One God -- my father's name was same
      as mine). Since 1976 I have been involved in working with indigenous
      spiritual leaders to bring out the messages of their culture of peace
      precedents including witnessing evolving Hopi Prophecy fulfillment. Since
      the late 1960's I have been studying the teachings of India's contemporary
      spiritual teacher Sri Sathya Sai Baba, whom I visited and spoke with in
      1997, and who comes from a Hindu cultural background but teaches the unity
      of all faiths as facets of the divine, a concept also supported by my
      chemical physics theory of consciousness equations developed 1974-77 which
      are still on the "finges" of mainsteam science. Since 1976 I have been a
      practitioner of the same chanting and drumming practice taken up by Mahatma
      Gandhi in 1933, also from the late most venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, and
      1977 have carried the Tibetan Buddhist name of Karma Tsering Thrchen given
      by HH Karmapa.

      This is all just to say that I am not "against" anyone, or anyone's beliefs,
      and I neither condone nor respect the use, or threat of use, of fear or
      violence for any purpose especially including nation building. I am simply
      in favor of the truth coming to light in all ways.

      But I can understand how the prospect of "free energy technologies" would
      strike terror into the hearts of those attached to the status quo, until
      realize that the corporate world of today will just be transformed by this
      new science and technology, not put out of business, since therein lies the
      infrastructure to move most quickly to a global culture of peace which will
      allow the development of these new energy technologies to replace nuclear
      and fossil fuel power.

      This post should not be construed as any kind of accusation, and it's
      not that the materials sent were objectionable to me. I just object to use
      of my address.

      Is someone so threatened by this new science info that they would take
      the bother do this? The physics cops? :-) I'm surprised I didn't get the
      usual tirade since 1998 from the University of Maryland at College Park
      ("CIA Tech") "anti-nuclear physics policeman" trying to publicly dispute
      my info below. Maybe he missed that post to abolition caucus list.

      Whoever is responsible for these fraudulent sends using my address, it to
      me at least is a signal that someone opposed to my views is thinking that
      others might be taking me seriously, so my posts should be counterfeited,
      ... how flattering.

      No responses to this post are needed unless someone knows how to stop folks
      from using another's address in sends from websites allowing such abuse.

      ---- begin fwd copies of example of 3 of ~10 falsified sends by someone
      misusing my gear2000lightspeed.net address, followed by the only recent
      exchange that would seem to have generated such impulsive covert attack.

      This message was sent from a fill-out form at homepage.smc.edu.

      To reply, select the reply option in your mailer.

      Date: Aug 22, 2003

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      Email = gear2000@...
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      From: Harsh Kapoor <aiindex@...>
      To: David Crockett Williams <gear2000@...>
      Cc: Nuclear Abolition Caucus <abolition-caucus@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 5:49 AM
      Subject: [abolition-caucus] Re: to stop nuclear power utilize India's
      national treasure scientist Paramahamsa Tewari

      > Dear David Crockett Williams
      > Reading your post on Ab. Caucus [and also seeing a similar letter
      > from you on the Internet to a senior UN official] drawing attention
      > towards Mr Paramhansa Tewari's work. I am inclined to believe that
      > you are either a PR man or Tiwari's devotee.
      > This 'national trove or treasure' point to, sounds like a levitating
      > mix of Uri Geller and Dr Strangelove who learned to 'fly' thanks to
      > India's 'OM' grown Nuclear viagra programme.
      > The guy's web site says he was once the director of the Nuclear Power
      > Corporation of India, and also a leading light at the Kaiga Nuclear
      > power plant in India. Great credentials...to begin with.
      > Give me one good reason why anti nuclear activists in India should
      > get a high on this 'miracle man' who spent a life time pushing lethal
      > nuclear wares in India, and now peddles some esoteric construct for
      > mass distraction. When was it last that this 'Veda' * laden glowing
      > scientist took a public stance challenging India's military and civil
      > nuclear programme. Show us at least one public statement. The peace
      > movement needs people even if they were once in the heart of the
      > beast, but they need to come clean. So which side is this free energy
      > man on ?
      > Wake up, have some coffee ... Anti nuclear and peace activists in
      > India get arrested for speaking up, journalists get warned and
      > pressured, films get censored for even showing Gandhi's assassination.
      > There are millions out there in India who go undernourished as
      > India's unethical military and nuclear programme expands. All this
      > unintelligible pie in the sky voodoo science mumbo jumbo is harmless
      > enough for India's nuclear lobby that they seemingly let him use
      > their facilities for his postponed spiritual science gala [as
      > suggests his web site].
      > After this vast power blackout of the grid a la third world, Mr
      > Tiwari (via your services) may have a better bet convincing your
      > republican president (who has special interests in high energy
      > substances such as oil or pretzels ) to have a sustainable free
      > energy orgy.
      > Harsh
      > N.B.: Tiwari may be a harmless guy but fundamentalists of the Hindu
      > supremacists kind also using vedic * spin are out to rewrite history.
      > They claim Rome was originally "Ramapuri", Argentina is nothing other
      > than ''Arjuna town'', where Arjuna a character in the Mahabharata
      > spent a year; Denmark, rich in dairy products, is none other than
      > ''Dhenu Marg'', the abode of cows ; ''Red Indians'' are the signposts
      > for the advance of an Indian civilisation in remote antiquity; and
      > Vivekananda's own name, ''Vive! Canada'' ... They talk of Hindu


      From: David Crockett Williams <gear2000@...>
      To: Harsh Kapoor <aiindex@...>
      Cc: Nuclear Abolition Caucus <abolition-caucus@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: facts of Space Power Generation alternative to nuclear and fossil
      fuel power unchanged by Harsh remarks re Paramhansa Tewari's work don't
      Date: Thursday, August 21, 2003 12:28 PM

      It would seem that your harsh remarks are sent from France, yet your
      sentiments also echo, unfortunately, the sentiments of many underinformed
      anti-nuclear ignorant of the details of this new energy technology genre to
      replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, some of them with applications for
      neutralizing radioactive wastes (LENT Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation,
      LENR Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, CANR Chemically Assisted Nuclear
      Reactions, labels developed over the last decade of successful experiments
      by hundreds of qualified experimentalists over the last decade since the
      release of preliminary and perhaps mislabeled results of 1989 by Pons and
      Fleishman called "cold fusion), and in particular the world of P. Tewari of
      India in collaboration with both Bruce DePalma and leading US theoretical
      physicist John Archibald Wheeler, one of the top covert science technology
      leaders in the US who finished the hydrogen bomb development project in his
      earlier career.

      Unfortunately big anti-nuclear organizations have a vested interest in never
      seeing the problem solved otherwise their "protest livelihood" would end.

      The tone of your remarks fits the English meaning of your name, harsh, and
      also identify you as one severely prejudiced against religion it would seem,
      as well as ignorant of the last several decades of scientific research on
      these new energy technologies much inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla
      who invented Alternative Current and other more advanced electromagnetic
      technologies such as the Wardencliffe Tower built over a hundred years
      ago to power all of the US with fuel-less and wirelessly broadcast electric
      power, a technology scuttled by JP Morgan as a threat to industrial monopoly
      control of energy, copper mining, and related mining and later petroleum

      You will find many articles and website references among posts to DOE and
      the California Energy Commission archived and linked from

      The 10th International Conference on Cold Fusion will be held this year
      August 24-29 in Cambridge Massachusetts with scientists coming from
      all over the world to present their latest experimental results (including
      the US recent national laboratory results discussions one would expect)
      http://www.iccf10.org as regularly also summarized and presented in
      the magazine edited by former MIT science writer Dr. Eugene Mallove

      A major conference on Tesla's work will take place in Washington DC in
      early November convened by former US Patent Examiner Thomas Valone
      who was fired for conducting these such conferences and who testifies
      that there are over 4000 patents confiscated by the Patent Office under
      dual-use secrecy restrictions including many of these new energy tech.

      As to the work by India's Paramahamsa Tewari, I have been following it
      from California since the early 1980's through my collaborations with the
      late Bruce DePalma's work in Santa Barbara on his "n-Machine"
      prediction of March 1978 discovery as a result of his qualitative
      understanding of what he called an "energy field in space itself, the
      space in which matter resides" a field which he termed the "OD field"
      after about a dozen never before done since Gallileo experiments
      showing anomalous behavior of rotating objects such as change in rate
      of fall. DePalma didn't know until about two years after verifying the
      "overunity effect" (more power output from device than drive input power)
      in Santa Barbara in Summer of 1979, that this principle in part was
      embodied in the 1832 discovery of Michael Faraday of the "homopolar"
      or "unipolar" motor/generator effect of a simple disc magnet, a principle
      clearly different than that of "electromagnetic induction" which is what
      all of our electric power generation systems and motors run on today.

      Except for the homopolar generators in use in the US Navy for ship
      propulsion and advanced electromagnetic weapons systems, an
      "acceptable" dual-use not known to the public.

      DePalma's results were sent to Tewari in India and as he reported
      in his talk to the US in Fall of 1988 at the International Tesla
      Conference in Colorado, Tewai had been developing for some
      years, as an engineer mind you not as a PhD physicist, a theory
      of matter called the Space Vortex Theory and he realized that if
      DePalma's results were correct that this "n-Machine" experiment
      would "prove" his theory correct. He said curiously he pondered
      for a couple of weeks whether to do the experiments wondering
      if he could not reproduce DePalma's results would that mean his
      theory was incorrect, before building a test machine and verifying
      these results in his version of what he calls the Space Energy
      Generator. The convenor of that conference, Adam Trombly,
      talked about dangers to earth from atmospheric degradation
      caused by fossil fuel combustion of oxygen and corresponding
      increase in CO2 greenhouse effect and worse, the depletion
      of the oxygen from which earth's protective ozone layer is made
      portending the destruction of all oceanic phytoplankton by 2008,
      the beginning of the oceanic foodchain and half of earth's oxygen
      supply from these tiny oceanic plants. Trombly couldn't talk about
      his "closed path homopolar generator," which he had then recently
      internationally patented as an "improvement" on the DePalma and
      Tewari designs, because he was still then under a federal court
      gag order prohibiting him from discussing this since he saw the
      liquid sodium metal brush augmented homopolar motor/generator
      under development at the US Groton Naval Submarine Warfare
      Center. More on DePalma at http://www.depalma.pair.com
      Tewari http://www.tewari.org
      Trombly http://www.projectearth.com

      One may find discussion of Tewari and DePalma's work also in
      books by Dr. Brian O'Leary, former NASA Mars Mission scientist
      astronaut and science and energy policy advisor and speechwriter
      to four US presidential candidates, such as "Miracle in the Void" via
      http://www.brianoleary.com See his October 18 event in Albuquerque
      at http://www.hiddenmysteries.com/albuq-tour

      Now, why should anti-nuclear activists, especially in India, support
      and help publicize Tewari's work demonstrated potentially useful
      for leading to final designs of space power generators to replace
      nuclear and fossil fuel power?

      Should instead people be prejudiced AGAINST an exceptionally
      brilliant nuclear electrical engineer who devoted his career to making
      sure India had the safest possible nuclear power reactors (as head
      of the quality control board of India's state run nuclear industry whose
      decisions to implement nuclear power were out of his hands)?

      Isn't the most qualified person to deal with the India government to
      make the change from nuclear and fossil fuel power to the best of
      the available new energy technologies, perhaps Tewari's perhaps not,
      this kind of person already known to the government as the project
      head of their largest nuclear power plant, at Karwar?

      Can activists arrange a briefing for the (Moslem) President of India
      by Tewari so that this information may be brought out to the public?
      The President of India is also the lead nuclear physicist responsible
      for the development of India's nuclear weapons program. Would
      activists rather continue ineffectually protesting at great risk instead
      of working to bring the truth to light because of petty religious

      Tewari and the President of India share a mutual respect for India's
      contemporary greaty spiritual leader Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This would
      make it easy for India activists to arrange such briefing meeting, except
      for those with harsh attitudes.

      This is how India anti-nuclear activists can take lead of this new energy
      tech movement to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, since they are
      less subject to the oppression and covert suppression, threats, deaths
      such as Tesla's poisoning on the way to see the US president in 1943,
      and other US intel agency covert suppression happening here and

      In the US a good place to focus on this is Santa Barbara, California,
      where DePalma's early experiments on the n-Machine were done
      with the support of the Sunburst Community founded there by
      Norman Paulsen, one of the early American disciples of
      Paramahamsa Yogananda, of the now Solar Logos Community near
      SB and who still has the original test "Sunburst n-Machine" which
      overunity effects were independently confirmed in tests in the
      mid 1980's by a Professor Emertius of Electrical Engineering
      from Stanford University, Dr. Robert Kincheloe PhD.
      (see Kincheloe test report at DePalma site above)

      During the 1980's I lobbied vigorously at the University of California
      Santa Barbara physics department and their national Institute for
      Theoretical Physics started by Dr. Walter Kohn, with the results of
      misinformation being their response of denial and incredulity,
      responses DePalma for the rest of his life felt were disingenous
      due to US university professors being under various government
      funded secret research projects conditioned on secrecy agreements
      prohibiting them from basically "telling the truth" to the public. Reports
      were even received of covert work at UCSB on this generator which
      was developed as a power source for anti-satellite "rail gun" weapons
      which a circa 1992 live shot from a space shuttle "accidentally"
      broadcast to the public, footage shown since on many tv programs
      appearing to be a targeting of a UFO in earth's upper atmosphere.
      The exchange of letters between DePalma and the then director of
      the UCSB Institute for Theoretical Physics may be found at DePalma
      site above.

      During this time I was also trying to bring this information to the
      attention of Santa Barbara's Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, the very well
      funded and connected nonprofit foundation founded by attorney David Krieger
      and President Truman's speechwriter Frank Kelly. Since Dr. Kohn was a very
      influential member of their board of directors during this time and a "very
      generous donor" the NAPF stance has been akin to harsh. In 1997 on occasion
      of the briefing I organized on these matters for Dr. Robert Livingstone, a
      science advisor to HH Dalai Lama, I invited participation of NAP which was
      declined and delivered them copies of Jeanne Manning's 1995 overview book on
      these new energy technologies and inventors such as DePalma, The Coming
      Energy Revolution from Avery Publishing, along with a copy of the just
      finished video by Lightworks called "Free Energy, the Race to Zero Point"
      showing various inventors and devices in action. I have never received any
      response from NAPF on this matter and can only think they are still
      seriously misguided on this.

      What do Dr. Kohn and the UCSB ITP have to say these days about this new
      energy tech genre? Will any of them be going to above conferences. Why
      have they and NAPF not publicized recent verification of cold fusion effects
      at the US national labs at Los Alamos under name "sonoluminescence"?

      Folks, I tell you clearly after over 25years of research and following
      myriad new developments in this field since my 1976 independent theoretical
      prediction of their advent, these technologies are available to replace
      nuclear and fossil fuel power but are ordered secret and covertly suppressed
      with all the might of the American military-intelligence-industrial cabal
      which pays for election of American politicians.

      And the main culprit? Anti-nuclear activists with ignorant, prejudiced, and
      malicious harsh attitudes as in below "spit on the experts" post.

      My view is that the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation has a karmic responsibility
      to convene and conduct a major new energy tech symposium in Santa Barbara
      with cooperation of the UCSB physics people to either bring experts there or

      by teleconference to get to the bottom of this asap. Anything less on their
      part after this email I will consider as deliberate intention to suppress
      this info after nearly two decades of lobbying them on this unsuccessfully.

      I work with a small network of leading scientist in this new energy tech
      and am only able to be online thanks to the small grant received from the
      Association of Distinguished American Scientists provided by another
      researcher in this field Thomas Bearden (US Army Lt. Col retired) who
      was head of a US military program before coming to understand this
      new science as an application of the overlooked original form in
      quaternion equations of the Maxwell equations of electromagnetism
      developed in the latter 1880's and later "dumbed down" so engineers
      could use the math do develop our current electric power industry which
      still does not use these original form more exacting and "multidimensional"
      mathematical dynamics of the phenomena of electromagetism such as
      understood by Nikola Tesla. See Bearden's work at http://www.cheniere.org

      One of the most famous American inventors in this arena is Joseph Newman
      whose work was also brought to my attention in the early 1980's by Bruce
      DePalma who said he understood how Newman's machine worked in accord with
      his own discoveries about the previously unsuspected influences of rotation
      of the gravitational, inertial, and electromagnetic properties of matter.
      DePalma rejected attempts to "theorize" about the why and how these
      anomalies occur, leaving that up to theoreticians such as John Wheeler who
      saw his experiment circa 1970 demonstrating that a spinning object falls
      faster than a nonspinning object (this means all interpretations of E=mC^2
      in terms of meaning of inertial and gravitational mass distinctions need to
      be "rethought" as this one experiment invalidates them all).

      Is it a coincidence that Wheeler is credited for his collaboration by Tewari
      and that in the late 1980's there was a newspaper article showing a photo of
      this kind of generator made at a university in Texas (Wheeler is head of a
      theoretical physics institute in Texas).

      There are many conflicting theories about how all these different
      "overunity" new energy devices work. DePalma was amazing in that he did his
      experiments just to get at the truth no matter if they could be
      explained or not. Tewari and Newman are amazing because they started with a
      theory which then experiments verified. Newman is perhaps most amazing of
      all because he is a self-educated professional inventor from the backwoods
      of Mississippi who independently studied the literature on electricity,
      magnetism, gravity, and intertia, in the context of various other
      inventions, toys for kids, etc., that he was working on and then being a
      very brilliant man strongly motivated by his religious convictions in the
      absolute nature of truth, he developed his own independent theory of matter
      analogous to Tewari but a "mechanical theory" that predicted how he could
      make such an energy generator and then many models and tests since then have
      born it out although the US still refuses to give him a patent. Newman was
      the most popular guest in the history of the Johnny Carson show with the
      most time on air for any show and the most letters and calls in response.
      What happened? He is still living a devoted religious life and working on
      his inventions now living in Florida after a few years in Phoenix Arizona.
      Both Tewari's and Newman's theories involve rotating subatomic energy
      dynamics responsible for the effects of each's different configuration of
      rotating magnetic assemblies.

      Such abbreviate resource list above would be incomplete without reference to
      the fine work of Hal Fox, editor of the New Energy Journal and convenor of
      numerous international technical symposia on this new energy tech genre over
      the past couple decades and a leader in the LENT tech to neutralize
      radioactive wastes, also ignored, or even disparaged by such well-meaning
      but mistaken luminaries as Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader Corbin Harney
      due to well earned skepticism against "energy scientists" especially those
      associated with DOE.

      I'm telling you folks, if you/we can get those whose voices are recognized
      and heard and listened to such as Dr. Caldicott et al to get "up to speed"
      on this info and bring it out to the public, this will do the trick and
      awaken humanity to its future without nuclear and fossil fuel power and wars

      Our Spiritual Unity Re-Awakening

      Torahkoom, The Law Stands Up

      David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309
      Chartered Life Underwriter
      BS Chemistry, CSUN 1969
      Silk Road Peace March Initiator

      August 24, 2003 - ?
      Keene, California, Japan, Korea, China, Nepal,
      India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jerusalem,
      Europe, USA, La Paz, October 2nd Gandhi birthday

      One person makes the difference
      Dennis Kucinich for USA President

      PardonUSA Peltier

      Spirituality: The Highest Form of Politics

      For a Culture of Peace & Community

      > At 3:18 PM -0700 8/15/03, David Crockett Williams wrote:
      > >Anti-nuclear activists in India should take particular pride in helping
      > >advance the work on a new energy technology to replace nuclear and fossil
      > >fuel power, one called the Space Power Generator and invented by Her
      > >Bharat) national treasure scientist, the world reknown and revered
      > >of a space vortex theory which successfully predicted and explains his
      > >energy machine SPG, a theory accounting for the energy-matter
      > >interconnectedness as involving subatomic vortices in the energy field of
      > >space itself which is extant consequent to the voidic nature of the space
      > >which matter resides, a theory also connecting the spiritual, religious,
      > >scientific dimensions of human perceptions.
      > >
      > >Paramahamsa Tewari of Karwar, Karnataka, India, is the head of a
      > >spiritual research society in India since his retirement during the last
      > >decade from a life of service to the government of India, and to his
      > >spiritual teacher, most recently as the head of the quality control board
      > >the government of India's state run nuclear power industry, followed by
      > >years of service as lead engineer in the construction of India's largest
      > >nuclear power plant in Karwar, Karnataka State. During the years leading
      > >to 1980 Professor Tewari developed a complex electrodynamical theory of
      > >matter and its relationship to energy as per inspiration of his Vedic
      > >religious belief in the origin of all matter being invested in the nature
      > >"the void" from which all of our "three dimensional reality" springs into
      > >forms like energy and matter properties. The result by then was a poetry
      > >equations that made some predictions of things to come but not yet done,
      > >so he thought at the time.
      > >
      > >Then he got a letter from Bruce DePalma in Santa Barbara who had heard of
      > >Tewari's theory and who sent the experimental results of his 1979 test
      > >verification of "incremental over-untiy" energy output from the first
      > >quantitative test model of perhaps a dozen variations which DePalma made
      > >tested and reported on to the general global scientific community until
      > >death in November 1977 in New Zealand where he was buried after five
      > >expatriation from the United States.
      > >
      > >Tewari realized that if DePalma's "n-Machine" results were correct that
      > >would verify his space vortex theory, and that DePalma proferred no
      > >to explain the vaious anomalous results that he obtained over a decade of
      > >experiments documenting previously unsuspected influences of rotation on
      > >inertial, gravitational, and electromagnetic properties of rotating
      > >
      > >So Dr. Tewari, with the support of the government of India's facilities
      > >conjunction with his position, made over several years various test
      > >of this kind of "homopolar" generator, which he terms Space Vortex
      > >SVG, verifying its ability to apparently extract as useful electricity
      > >from this space vortex property of matter and its relationship to
      energy --
      > >in the vernacular of new energy technologies, an overunity effect, a
      > >yielding more energy output in heat or electricity than the much small
      > >amount of energy taken to activate the particular device's characteristic
      > >effect, eg, space vortex electricity generation from a machine rotating a
      > >cylindrical magnet and extracting electricity that flows from the center
      > >the edge of it, the Faraday Unipolar or Homopolar Motor-Generator effect
      > >discovered in 1832 but with a later and deeper understanding of its
      > >now allowing the "overunity production of electricity from the energy
      > >of space itself by a space vortex generator" as demonstrated and
      > >by Dr. Tewari's Space Vortex Theory and travels around the world to
      > >conferences where he was awarded prizes in the 1980's in Europe, USA,
      > >Canada, etc.
      > >
      > >But since such devices are banned by US dual-use secrecy restrictions for
      > >development in the US and presumably covertly banned in other countries
      > >around the world, this usable device has not come out to public use and
      > >implementation to help replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, pretty much
      > >exclusively so because good activists are not aware of this information
      > >India or generally all over the globe.
      > >
      > >More on Tewari is at http://www.tewari.org
      > >On DePalma http://www.depalma.pair.com
      > >On their spiritual preceptor http://www.sathyasai.org
      > >On their US Champion now http://www.brianoleary.com
      > >
      > >*spiritual unity understanding*
      > >
      > >Torahkoom, The Law Stands Up
      > >
      > >David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309
      > >Chartered Life Underwriter
      > >Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
      > >Silk Road Peace March Co-Coordinator
      > >www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/vision.html
      > >http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tehachapi-peace-center
      > >
      > >http://groups.yahoo.com/group/silk-road-to-peace
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      > >
      > >> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/3142039.stm
      > >> BBC News
      > >> 12 August, 2003, 23:24 GMT 00:24 UK
      > >>
      > >> By Hugh Purcell
      > >> Producer of War and Peace on BBC Four
      > >>
      > >> Anand Patwardhan makes films from his own convictions
      > >>
      > >> Anand Patwardhan is India's most distinguished director of
      > >> documentary films, but he is also the most controversial.
      > >>
      > >> His convictions are at odds with much of modern India and his latest
      > >> film, War and Peace, is no exception in its criticism of the Indian
      > >> Government.
      > >>
      > >> In a country where religious fundamentalism is on the rise and
      > >> political rhetoric reaches hysteria, he is afraid the quiet voice of
      > >> reason and peace is being overwhelmed by the drum-banging of
      > >> xenophobia and violence.
      > >>
      > >> Patwardhan is, in essence, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, and that
      > >> means he is a pacifist, a believer in equality between sexes, classes
      > >> and creeds and an intolerant believer in tolerance, particularly in
      > >> tolerance between religions.
      > >>
      > >> This makes him a lonely figure in today's India.
      > >>
      > >> Censored
      > >>
      > >> In 1998, when India recommenced nuclear testing, Patwardhan joined
      > >> the peace movement that was protesting against nuclear devices, civil
      > >> and military.
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> Patwardhan challenged the political censorship of War and Peace
      > >>
      > >> He filmed for three years, and his exposure of the Indian nationalist
      > >> rhetoric behind the atom bomb resulted in censorship.
      > >>
      > >> The film was banned in India for nearly two years while Patwardhan
      > >> challenged the government in the Bombay High Court on 21 counts.
      > >>
      > >> In June, he won a complete victory and now the film may be seen in
      > >> the Indian cinema, at its full length of nearly three hours. The BBC
      > >> version of 70 minutes has been made with Patwardhan.
      > >>
      > >> Public ignorance
      > >>
      > >> War and Peace opens by recollecting Gandhi's funeral, and Patwardhan
      > >up:
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> The pro-bomb argument - that it increases prestige and power - is
      > >> exactly the same argument that British politicians used in the 1960s
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> "The collapse of socialism saw a revival of bigotry. America had now
      > >> become our role model.
      > >>
      > >> "Nuclear nationalism and religious fundamentalism were growing. The
      > >> memory of one who opposed the bomb on moral grounds alone had begun
      > >> to fade."
      > >>
      > >> What is remarkable about the film is the passion of the argument
      > >> about the bomb combined with public ignorance about its effects.
      > >>
      > >> Yet before we become patronising we should remember that the pro-bomb
      > >> argument - that it increases prestige and power - is exactly the same
      > >> argument that British politicians used in the 1960s.
      > >>
      > >> It is India and Pakistan's bid for a place at the "Top Table".
      > >>
      > >> And the American military-industrial complex, as President Eisenhower
      > >> described it, is now moving into India.
      > >>
      > >> Against the American way
      > >>
      > >> Patwardhan is not an old-fashioned figure. His world view is a modern
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> India and Pakistan want a place at the "Top Table"
      > >>
      > >> But he opposes the lure of the American way with its multi-nationals
      > >> and military-industrial complex, standing instead for sustainable
      > >> development in an Indian context.
      > >>
      > >> Patwardhan's previous film documentaries show clearly his convictions
      > >> and why they offend the Indian Government.
      > >>
      > >> Father, Son and Holy War revealed the rise of political extremism in
      > >> the form of Hindu fundamentalism. Bombay Our City investigated the
      > >> gulf in life-style, and in the very concept of life, between rich and
      > >> poor in Bombay.
      > >>
      > >> In Memory of Friends is a tribute to a Marxist Sikh who died 50 years
      > > > ago, but what Patwardhan is really exposing is how history, through
      > >> icons and figureheads, is being spun for present political purposes.
      > >>
      > >> In the Name of God, about the attack on the mosque in Ayodhya, shows
      > >> how reason becomes twisted into rage and ends up with a perverse
      > > > logic that justifies violence.
      > >>
      > >> Bomb survivors
      > > >
      > >> While filming War and Peace, Patwardhan went into enemy territory,
      > >> Pakistan, and met fellow protesters.
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> Border clashes between the armies of India and Pakistan made nuclear
      > >> war a very real threat
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> He travelled to Japan and met "Hibakushas" or atom bomb survivors.
      > >>
      > >> At the Smithsonian Institute in Washington he met curators whose
      > >> attempt to mount an exhibition about the effects of the atom bomb was
      > >> boycotted on Capitol Hill.
      > >>
      > >> In India he joined a peace march through the desert in the footsteps
      > >> of Gandhi, saw the effects of nuclear testing and nuclear sites on
      > >> the lives of those who live nearby, and listened to the nationalist
      > >> rhetoric of the BJP (the governing party) in defence of the bomb.
      > >>
      > >> Over this period the border clashes between the armies of India and
      > >> Pakistan made nuclear war a very real threat.
      > >>
      > >> Would, could, this confrontation escalate into nuclear war and even
      > >> engulf other parts of the globe?
      > >>
      > >> Unique view
      > >>
      > >> Patwardhan is a true "auteur" who makes films from his own
      > >> convictions rather than on commission; who spends his own money and
      > >> dedicates years of his own time to the making of a movie that becomes
      > >> a personal statement - a statement that he hopes will be a force for
      > >> change.
      > >>
      > >> He is both director and technician. He is his own cameraman and,
      > >> probably more important to him, his own editor.
      > >>
      > >> In his studio he spends hours with all the attention to detail of a
      > >> perfectionist forming an aesthetic - a use of symbols, motifs and
      > >> images - that lifts his documentaries above simple "reportage".
      > >>
      > >> War and Peace offers a perspective of a view hardly seen at all in
      > >> the West - the growing nuclear escalation between India and Pakistan
      > >> that could plunge us all into ruin.
      > >>
      > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > >>
      > >> War and Peace will be broadcast on Wednesday, 13 August, 2003, at
      > >> 2100 BST on BBC Four.
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
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