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new dChip user group and onsite course

Dear all, We now have a new dChip user group at here: http://groups.google.com/group/dchip-software Also,
Cheng Li
Dec 31, 2008

R interface

Lene, This is the latest dChip: http://biosun1.harvard.edu/~cli/dchip.exe [V12/14/07+] Install R-COM (run
Cheng Li
May 14, 2008

Multiple Testing Correction

Hi Cheng, Can dCHIP perform Multiple Testing Correction e.g Benjamini and Hochberg, Bonferroni etc. I could not find them in Compare samples. Just wondering if
May 13, 2008

Installing R-COM interface

To Dr. Li, I have recently installed dChip to analyze some array data. In addition I have installed the program R to be able to do some LDA. Installing the
May 13, 2008

Re: Help: making information files!!

I see. Thank you for your quick response. -Chia --- On Fri, 5/9/08, Cheng Li wrote: From: Cheng Li Subject: RE:
Chia Chu
May 9, 2008

Re: Help: making information files!!

Chia, dChip has not been tested on making gene info file for this array. You may manually copy and paste columns to make a file. Unzip this file for a format:
Cheng Li
May 9, 2008

Help: making information files!!

Hi, I want to use dchip to analyze some e_coli_2 arrays but the program shuts down due to error every time when I try to generate information files from
Jerry Chu
May 9, 2008

Re: dchipd gene info files- pig

Hello Marsha, You can make the gene info file within dChip using the Affy porcine annotations .csv. I made them 2 years ago with no problem. Look under
David Carter
May 6, 2008

dchipd gene info files- pig

Hello, Can you tell me if gene info files are available for the pig? I've tried looking for them on Affymetrix's site to no avail. Thanks! Marsha C.
May 5, 2008

Re: Individual array expression values disappeared

Carol, You can try checking "Combine comparisons/output expression values". Cheng Li _____ From: dchip@yahoogroups.com [mailto:dchip@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf
Cheng Li
May 2, 2008

Individual array expression values disappeared

Hello, I recently replaced my dCHIP2005 with the latest download from the website. My compare_result files with the old version would show probeset expression
May 2, 2008

Re: Help: Using dCHip for CN and LOH studies

Please post dChip error messages. CL ... file, ... 5.0
Cheng Li
May 1, 2008

Combine subarrays 500k

Dear Dr Li: I can visualize and analyze each 250k array set but I don't arrive to combine 250k Nsp and Sty arrays. Please, could you to indicate me how to
Antonio José Alberdi
Apr 30, 2008

Help: Using dCHip for CN and LOH studies

Hi, Can someone help me to analyze CN and LOH using dChip from SNP 5.0 array data. I need to know detail infoamtion regarding the the necessary files for
Apr 27, 2008

SNP 5.0 CDF file

Dr. Li, Which CDF file should I use for dChip copy number and LOh studies. BTW, Have you updated you dChip user manual recently? the latest on I found is 2005
Apr 26, 2008
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