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  • Darci
    Steve, I think you ve presented an interesting reason for the Catwoman to give up crime and go straight (or at least straighter). The only one who seems to
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 1, 2009
      I think you've presented an interesting reason for the Catwoman to give up crime and go straight (or at least straighter).  The only one who seems to have come out with the short end of the stick might be Jennifer.  No more appearances of the Sparrow (at least outside Legends of the Dark Claw).

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      April Fools Joke Gone Bad - 2009
      by Steve Zink

      Part 9

      Nothing more was seen as happening over in or around the
      truck, so at three minutes til 11 Catgirl wheeled her
      Bat Bike a short distance away from Robin's hiding place
      and then started the engine.  It was muffled well enough
      that she doubted Catwoman would be able to tell the bike
      hadn't come from some farther distance.  She drove
      across and parked next to the only vehicle seen where
      Catwoman had said to meet her, which would be what she
      would say if asked.

      For procedure, she walked up to the cab first and looked
      inside.  Nobody home, so Catgirl went to the back door
      and knocked.  "Catwoman, are you in there?  It's me, and
      for your benefit, I'll say it's me, Catgirl."

      "Ah, I'm glad you're in your costume and being punctual,
      Catgirl," she heard from inside.  "Hang on a sec while I
      raise the door."

      As the door started coming up, the assumption about the
      interior being lit proved false.  At least for the
      moment, it was just as dark inside as outside.  As she
      started to climb the ladder to get up to the level of
      the truck's cargo space, Catgirl saw a hand come out to
      steady and grab her left wrist.  Was that hand gloved
      in yellow?  No, it had to be a trick of the poor
      lighting which made Catwoman's green glove look
      yellow.  Then a thought hit her like a sledgehammer. 
      Catwoman's gloves didn't have scalloping shaped like
      bat wings on them.  But it was too late.

      As her face came level with the floor of the truck,
      Catgirl found the Cat's Eye ring right before her
      eyes.  Immune from further hypnotizing she might
      have been, but even still the power of the gem took
      away her will power and control of her mind.  Her
      other wrist was grabbed, and then Catgirl found
      herself being hoisted up into the back of the truck. 
      As soon as she was in, the door was slammed shut
      again.  The lights came on, and the unknowing eyes of
      Catgirl saw Batgirl standing in front of her.

      "Catgirl, you are in a cataleptic trance.  You must
      do exactly as I tell you," Batgirl told her.  "Stay
      absolutely still while I take off that costume you're
      wearing."  The earlier spell was protecting Dick's
      identity but couldn't stop the instructions being
      given to her.  She stood rigidly still as the false
      Batgirl started by removing the black boots one at
      time to ensure balance was maintained as first one leg
      and then the other became five inches shorter.  In
      quick succession followed the gloves, cape, mask and
      cowl, belt and then finally the catsuit.  Then the now
      naked form of Barbara Gordon had the long black wig
      removed from her head so that she'd be just herself.

      The gem was placed in front of her eyes again to
      reinforce its control, then Batgirl said, "I know you
      can see my face and know that I look exactly like you
      as Batgirl, even if you can't acknowledge that.  But
      I won't look like you for much longer.  Be sure to
      stay perfectly still again."  The soft and fleshy
      mannequin stood there as a wig cap was pulled over her
      head and all the red hair stuffed up inside it.  Then
      a light and flexible female face mask was pulled down
      over her head, much like the ones in the special part
      of the Bat Cave but without the need for activation by
      the machine.  It snuggled down over her nose, eyes,
      lips and chin to become a second, no make that third
      skin.  It was a possibly even better looking mask than
      what the machine provided!  Mask, what mask?  It
      looked like an absolutely stunning face...but belonged
      to a bald Selina Kyle.

      A long black wig slightly different from the one she'd
      entered the truck wearing was pulled over the bald
      dome, and now she looked perfect as the nude feline
      felon.  She stayed standing still as a green catsuit
      was pulled onto her body, followed by a green belt,
      gloves and boots.  Again the procedure was followed to
      add height with stiletto heels one leg at a time, then
      the green mask was placed over her eyes and the two
      cat ears put into her hair above her ears.  The
      costume was completed as the mind distorting necklace
      was drawn over her head, tucked under the hair in
      back and hung loosely over her chest.

      The woman in green found the gem placed before her
      eyes again.  "You may loosen up, stay flexible but do
      not even think to say anything or try and fight what
      I'm going to do next."

      The shapely green form flexed from her rigid stance,
      then Batgirl picked her up in a fireman's carry.  She
      walked with her load over to a spot on the floor with
      many leather straps strung out on it.  The form of
      Catwoman was set on the floor, then her arms got tied
      behind her, her thighs together in front of her and
      her feet tied folded underneath her thighs.  After
      she was secured, the gem was placed before her eyes
      again.  "Forget your past as Batgirl, from now on,
      you know that you are Catwoman!  You are free to move
      now, for as little as you can."

      At this point the preparation made earlier in the Bat
      Cave came into play.  While she found her body could
      now move freely, albeit not much within her bondage,
      her mind rejected the order to think of herself as
      being Catwoman.  But to see if she could get the
      proper reaction from Catwoman as Batgirl, Babs
      shuffled in her bondage, looked around for a bit, then
      said, "Yes, I am Catwoman, and when I get free, you're
      going to regret tying me up, Batgirl!"

      "You're not going to get any chance to get me,
      Catwoman.  I'm going to make sure you get locked up
      hard and fast to do time for the crimes you've
      committed."  Of course, if the police came to pick up
      Catwoman, it wouldn't look right if the Cat's Eye ring
      was on her yellow gloved finger.  So to complete the
      picture, Batgirl removed the ring from her hand and
      placed it over the ring finger of the tied up right

      Suddenly she heard a loud knocking on the back door of
      the truck.  "Batgirl, it's me, Robin.  I got your
      message and just got here.  Are you all right in
      there?"  He'd gotten more than a bit worried waiting
      while both women were in the closed truck, and decided
      that even if Catwoman was in control in there, he had
      to do something.

      Light stabbed his eyes as the door was raised for the
      young hero.  Batgirl stooped to greet him, "I'm glad
      you finally got here, Robin.  What took you so long? 
      After I got my Batgirl costume back from Catwoman,
      she tried to use her ring on me.  But I took the
      precaution of wearing anti-hypnosis contacts.  Come
      on up and give me a hand taking Catwoman in."

      Right away Robin noticed the wrong voice coming from
      Batgirl's mouth, and added to the info she'd just told
      him only one conclusion could come to mind.  One look
      at Catwoman after he was up inside confirmed it. 
      Somehow Catwoman had used excellent appearing masks on
      herself to look like Batgirl and Babs to look like

      Further back in the truck, Catwoman hissed, then said,
      "Just try and get close to me, either of you!  I'll
      scratch you eyes out with my claws, then use my Cat's
      Eye ring to make you forget everything about me."

      Robin looked toward the tied up cat, and saw her
      trying to angle her right hand so the ring could be
      seen.  Obviously, it was Babs in that Catwoman costume
      even if she looked exactly like the feline felon
      because it was a voice known very well, and it wasn't
      Catwoman's.  His friend was obviously in charge in
      that tied up feline femme fatale with the way she'd
      mentioned forgetting everything, so the trick was to
      see if he could secure Batgirl somehow.   

      He got lucky when the figure in black and yellow
      started to go over toward Catwoman before he did. 
      Quickly and silently he reached down into his utility
      belt and extracted a pair of Bat Cuffs, along with a
      length of Bat Line.  He grabbed first one and then
      the other of Batgirl's wrists and pulled them forcibly
      behind her before she could even think to react.  The
      cuffs were slapped over her wrists, then he pushed her
      down to the floor when she turned toward him in

      Before she could even move, Bat Line had been wrapped
      around Batgirl's legs to secure her.  Then to make
      sure she couldn't even slide, he used some line to
      connect her wrists to her legs.  Batgirl became
      immobile, and just glared at Robin without saying a
      thing.  Somehow, she thought, the bastard had found
      out about the ID switch.

      Instead, the words came from Catwoman's mouth.  "I'm
      glad you got her so fast, Robin.  I may look like
      Catwoman, but it's thanks to a mask she put over my
      head.  Don't worry about removing that mask right
      away, just get me out of this bondage I got put into."

      Robin walked over and looked closely at Catwoman.  If
      that was a mask, it sure was a good one.  Of course,
      Batgirl had looked exactly right also, so it was a
      good thing Catwoman hadn't thought to use voice
      modifiers when she came up with these masks.  He
      stooped and untied the ropes around her legs, then
      the ones holding her arms.  The woman in green flexed
      her arms and legs briefly, then stood in front of
      Robin.  "I am Catwoman, so now it's time to put my
      Cat's Eye ring to good use."

      She walked over to the tied up Batgirl, who tried to
      keep her eyes shut.  But as Catwoman sat down next
      to her, Robin bent and pulled off the mask and cowl,
      followed by the red wig and then the mask making her
      look like Babs.  That mask looked so much like his
      original face that he had to save it; he stuck it
      under his belt.  Then Robin reached to use his
      fingers to lift her eyelids.  As soon as the powerful
      glow from the gem hit her eyes, no more trying to
      keep them closed could be done.  Her eyes were
      drinking in the mind controlling power with
      uncontrolled eagerness.  Her mind went blank and her
      body went lax.

      "Selina, you are in a cataleptic trance.  You must
      do exactly as I tell you," Catwoman told her.  "You
      have knowledge of Batgirl in your head.  Erase that
      knowledge so that you know only that Batgirl is a
      heroine who will forever be your foe.  You must
      forget whatever it is you know about using head
      covering face masks, never again will you be able to
      use them."  The ring was lowered, and she asked
      Robin, "Do you think I should erase knowledge of
      being Catwoman, or at least being a criminal, from
      her mind?"

      He shook his head.  "I don't think that would be
      wise.  Leave it where we are as of now, then let's
      make sure we get her into custody."

      "Okay, but why waste the opportunity completely." 
      She placed the gem back in front of the real
      Catwoman's eyes, then said, "You know that you are a
      villainess who loves committing crimes connected to
      cats in any way, but know also that a more law abiding
      part of you exists that someday will make you more
      of a help than a vice, Catwoman.  Wake up now."

      As the ring was pulled away, the woman in the Batgirl
      costume from the neck down sneered, "You'll never keep
      me behind bars, and you know it."

      "So you think, Catwoman," Robin replied.  "We'll try,

      A quick look around the truck showed a box holding the
      three purrloined Batgirl costumes.  So with
      anticipation Babs started removing the green costume
      from her body.  Then off came the black wig, followed
      by the Selina Kyle face mask.  This he handed to
      Robin, saying softly so Catwoman couldn't hear, "We
      might as well add this to the other masks in the

      "I agree," he whispered.  "Like this mask looking just
      like me, it looks too good to not hang on to."  He
      tucked the mask under his belt next to the other one.

      Babs quickly got into one of the three Batgirl
      costumes, including the long red wig the original
      had mentioned to her earlier in the evening.  Then
      while looking down at her nearly perfect twin she
      said quietly, "Robin, go out to the Redbird and call
      the GCPD for a pickup.  Let them know that we would
      have liked to stay and help, but it's getting really
      late.  Let them know that we, that's Batgirl and
      Robin, caught Catwoman trying to impersonate me with
      the costume she's wearing and that her real costume
      is right next to her.  Ask them to save this Batgirl
      costume she's wearing and I, that means you, really,
      will come in to pick it up later on."

      "Got it!  You gonna be able to strap the box holding
      your other two costumes to the Bat Bike?"

      "Yep, that's what I'll be doing while you make the
      call, Robin."

      While the Boy Wonder left to go make the radio call,
      Batgirl looked down at her tied up and so far silent
      lookalike.  "You sure came back with a bang after
      being gone so long, Catwoman.  I just know we're
      going to be seeing a lot more of you in the future." 
      She shook her head, then worked on securing the
      remaining two costumes.  She then left the tied up
      woman behind and went down to join Robin at the
      bikes.  The box was secured with ease.

      "Sgt. Casey at the desk said to not worry about
      staying until the police get here to take in
      Catwoman," Robin said.  "When I told him she was tied
      up in the back of a Merita truck, he said that should
      hold her."

      "Good, let's get going, then," Babs answered.  "I
      wasn't kidding when I said it was getting late.  I'm
      not going to get much sleep tonight before going to
      school tomorrow."

      "Hey, Babs," Robin said just before they started,
      "never more."

      The two bikes got back on the road heading for the
      Bat Cave and a change back into their original
      bodies.  If they'd stayed five minutes later, the
      pair might have seen the Merita truck back out and
      then drive away long before the police car got
      there.  Selina had put her skills to good use; with
      the gloves from her Catwoman costume being so close
      to her head, she inched over to them and clasped a
      claw in her teeth.  The claw went through the Bat
      Line like a hot knife through butter.  Catwoman was
      free, but at least the detailed knowledge of Batgirl
      and her identity were removed from her mind.

      * * *

      The real Babs found out that the removal of the body
      suits was even faster than putting them on.  First
      the current Babs became Dick once again, then Dick
      turned back into Babs.  When they finished Dick made
      a check in with Alfred, who mentioned that Master
      Bruce was back now.  The young man knew that lack of
      sleep for school would only be the first of his
      problems tomorrow.

      Barbara wasn't set for another night shift which would
      have been nice, but at least a couple of cups of
      coffee would help her to come alive after such a short

      The next evening, Dick found that Bruce wasn't about
      to ground him or anything.  Even though it turned out
      that Catwoman escaped again, he laid that blame on
      the GCPD who'd told the pair to leave her behind. 
      Bruce had Babs come out to the Manor also after
      dinner, and all three had a long discussion about the
      history and future use of the body suit capability.

      * * *

      Catwoman did manage to put together a huge collection
      of cats, and she beat Penguin to the punch by just
      getting to Phoenix Castle earlier in the day when word
      came he was making a try.  As Mxy had predicted, she
      found Lois Lane making a visit to the castle that day,
      also.  After her Catbird dropped a knockout bomb to
      put the reporter to sleep, she had her kittens lock
      her up in one of the cages amongst all the cats taking
      the birds' place.  At the same time, Catwoman went to
      a table and pictured Miss Lane in her mind wearing a
      costume identical to her own...but with Lois' original
      hair, not with her own long hair...

      So begins how Catwoman was seen in all the DC stories
      after 1966.

      I hope you've enjoyed reading this.

      ************ **
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      In a message dated 4/1/2009 9:23:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, ... My Sparrow isn t the one from that Amalgam story, Darci. I borrowed her from another
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        In a message dated 4/1/2009 9:23:13 AM Eastern Standard Time,
        darci386@... writes:

        I think you've presented an interesting reason for the Catwoman to give up crime and go straight (or at least straighter).  The only one who seems to have come out with the short end of the stick might be Jennifer.  No more appearances of the Sparrow (at least outside Legends of the Dark Claw).

        My Sparrow isn't the one from that Amalgam story, Darci.  I borrowed
        her from another author's Batgirl stories.


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